“Becoming Whole: From Secular Learning to Religious Living”

“Becoming Whole: From Secular Learning to Religious Living” January 12, 2019


Inside the JFSB courtyard
Looking eastward across the inner courtyard of the Joseph F. Smith Building, where my college (Humanities) and my department (Asian and Near Eastern Languages) and my personal office are housed (BYU photograph). This is the building in which the 17 January lecture will be given.


I would like to call your attention to an evening event later this month that, in its turn, was called to my attention by my friend and BYU colleague Ralph Hancock:


“Becoming Whole: From Secular Learning to Religious Living” — Hosted by Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc., and The Wheatley Institution

Thursday, January 17, 2019 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM

What constitutes a whole education? Join us for a public lecture and Q&A with Dr. Harrison Kleiner at the Education in Zion Auditorium, JFSB. Investigate how your personal and professional studies, whatever they may be, can influence your understanding and practice of faith.

* Refreshments to follow!

Harrison Kleiner is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Liberal Arts Program at Utah State University. He grew up in Colorado, spent his undergraduate years studying politics and philosophy at Cornell College, followed by an M.A. in philosophy from Boston College and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Purdue University.

Harrison teaches across the curriculum in philosophy at Utah State, teaching and writing on issues in philosophy, theology, political thought, the great books, and liberal arts education. He is particularly interested in the philosophy of nature, anti-modern Christian humanism, and Catholic thought. He is also passionate about ensuring students get a transformative liberal arts education and so is deeply involved in general education and the first year program at Utah State. If he is not working with students, he is probably reading Tolkien or a fairy tale, and otherwise is to be found skiing or hiking in the mountains.


The Wheatley Institution, along with the International Center for Law and Religion Studies in the J. Reuben Clark Law School, is, in my judgment, one of the very most intellectually interesting places on the campus of Brigham Young University.  They have sponsored a large number of intriguing lectures and programs, and this promises to be another one of those.


This is a kind of discussion of which I would like to see much more at Brigham Young University.




Yet another superfluous flood of materials for your already crammed Christopher Hitchens Memorial “Religion Poisons Everything” File:


“Latter-day Saints Around the World Country Newsroom Websites January 11, 2019”




A useful compilation of links:


“Recent articles on Utah’s Suicide Rates in general and among LGB”T” Populations Specifically”



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