“Character is Destiny”

“Character is Destiny” January 11, 2019


White House, seen from Washington Monument
The White House, as viewed from the Washington Monument
(Wikimedia Commons public domain)


I consider the London-based Economist perhaps the finest single magazine in English-speaking world.  And I’m far from alone in that.  On some issues, though not all, it leans a bit to my left, but its international coverage is absolutely superb.  (American news media seldom pay much attention to international events:  I recall a couple of old Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” skits from many years ago.  One of them began with something like “Our top story of the evening:  Massive earthquakes destroys China, 800 million people feared dead.  But, first: America’s love affair with the corndog!”  The other mentioned another huge catastrophe and then said “But, first, Is your pet psychic?”)


Anyway, here’s a piece in the Economist from 5 January 2019 that I liked.  Although it fails to mention the Trump administration’s excellent judicial appointments, and particularly Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, it otherwise expresses something of my view of Mr. Donald J. Trump as president of the United States:


The Trump Show, season two: What to expect from the second half of Donald Trump’s first term: Thus far the president has been lucky. It may not last.”


And here’s another piece, from National Review, with which I agree:


“Character Is Destiny: Trump’s character will be his downfall.”




Andrew McCarthy, another writer for National Review, tends to be considerably more favorable to Donald Trump than I am.  So I was struck by this piece, which strikes me as reasonable and balanced:


“Trump Keeps Giving Mueller Reasons to Pursue the ‘Collusion’ Probe”




This is a very thoughtful and worthwhile little article from Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah):


“More Populist, More Conservative”


I like Mike Lee.  (A friend and I even had lunch with him once, years ago, while my friend urged him to run for the Senate.)  Utah should consider itself lucky to have him and Mitt Romney as its representatives.


Here’s a somewhat related article:


“If You Want Smaller Government, Promote Stronger Families”




Can stronger families flourish without strong men?


“Grown Men Are the Solution, Not the Problem: With young men in crisis, the American Psychological Association wrongly declares war on ‘traditional masculinity’”


“The APA Can’t Spin Its Way Out of Its Attack on ‘Traditional Masculinity’: Our culture has grown more disdainful of common, inherent male characteristics.”


“Farewell, Masculinity: We’ll Miss You When You’re Gone”




I don’t like Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa):


“Steve King Questions How ‘White Supremacist’ Became Offensive”


“Dump Steve King”


“Steve King’s Bigotry Is the Antithesis of American Ideals”



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