A reaction of the highest class

A reaction of the highest class February 12, 2019


American Muslim soldiers at prayer
A group of Muslim soldiers from the United States Army mark the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan with prayer in 2009.     (Wikimedia Commons public domain)


Matthew Wheeler kindly brings a really interesting case to my attention.


A fellow by the name of Mickey Green posted the following social media message on Twitter (?), on 11 February 2019:


Well Muslims have no rights!  Nor should be in my country!  No worries!  Muslim will be removed from the usa!  Not welcome and will be leaving


Here is a response from Qasim Rashid, an American Ahmadi Muslim attorney and writer, posted shortly thereafter on that same day:


Mickey wants to remove me & all Muslims from America

I was about to reply but then I saw he’s a disabled vet w/a GoFundMe to help him get an apartment

So I donated $50 instead—b/c Islam teaches service to ALL humanity✊�

Encourage you to both donate to Mickey and leave him an encouraging note if you can 


I love Qasim Rashid’s reaction.  It’s in perfect accord with the counsel given by the Apostle Paul at Romans 12:21:  “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.”


I also like some of the comments on Mr. Green’s Go Fund Me page:




“Saw you needed help from Qasim’s twitter. I hope this helps you find healing and peace. Thank you for your service.”


“Saw your link on Qasim’s FB Page. Good luck man. Peace and love.”


“Thanks for your service. I’m a Muslim in support of our veterans.”


“From an American Muslim.. Thank you for your service . . .  much love and respect”


“Hey there. From a fellow Muslim American, TYFYS! May you find peace with everyone!”


“Thank you for your service. I was made aware of your situation by Qasim Rashid, and his asking that people extend a helping hand to an American Vet . God bless.”


“I wish I could help you out more, but I feel your pain. I’m also disabled and living on SSI. I seen your comment about Muslims, after you said what you had to the good man Q, he sent your link asking everyone to help if we could. Just know that all Muslims aren’t bad. We’re all human. Additionally, thank you for your service, sir. ✌”


“Qasim Rashid inspired me to [too?]”


“Qasim Rashid mentioned your issues on his FB page. Wishing you peace of mind and body.”


“I believe that the absence of love breeds hate. You are loved by all us Muslim Americans. I hope we all help you in your situation ❤️ Thank you for sacrifice and thank you brother Qasim for spreading the word and love.”


“Muslim American wishing you all the best.”


“a true Muslim wants for her neighbor the same things she wants for herself – I donated because I too want you to LIVE and not just survive! We are all doing our best, don’t have much and wish I had more – but I pray the Good Lord gives you abundance!”


“Wishing you a speedy recovery. We really aren’t that bad. -Your American Muslim Brother”


“Hello, from a Muslim that wishes you the best and sends prayers for a better future!”


“Salam. Love, peace, light, and prayers from a muslim for a better future for you in sha Allah.”


“I saw your post about Muslims. I am an American who converted to Islam 13 years ago. I am lending help in hope you find a good place to live. May you find peace and love in your heart, and may Allah (god) bestow his blessings on you. Ameen. Peace,Love, and Happiness”


“An American Muslim wishing you success and better times ahead. My faith is about love and equality, and I am hoping you see that love through the donations on your page and realize the media has painted a false picture for rating which has in turn convinced many Americans to hate. God bless you!”


“Hi Mickey; I;m 73 years old and on Social Security, so I always wish my contributions could be larger than what I can afford. I am making this one to you in honor of Qasim Rashid, a Muslim who told me of your GoFundMe page — a good and honorable man who deserves respect and love, not hate. I hope & pray that your eyes will be opened and that everything goes well for you.”


“I want to show you that we ,Muslims world wide, try to follow the Sunnah of Prophets Muhammad and Jesus, Peace be up on them,Loving they neighbor and trying to give a helping hand when hardship has hit,Thank you for your service Sir, and may our Creator give you easement, Betty Williamson, American Muslim, fro Texas”


“I am an Episcopal priest and a beloved child of God, as are you, Mickey, and as are our Muslim neighbors. I wish you peace, and hope you enjoy your new place!”


“Hi, I am responding to you because I read about your go-fund me request from one of my connections Qasim Rashid. I’m a Muslim too, and I want you to know that I support you and wish the best for you and your situation. May God help you to find a safe place to live.”


“Hi Mickey. I’m an American Muslim woman and the daughter of a Viet Nam veteran. My niece is in the Air Force. I have friends who are active duty and retired. I am so sorry about your injury and the challenges you are facing, and I pray that my small contribution towards your GFM will help you start on the path to getting your life back. May God grant you the guidance and grace that will sustain you in this life and the next and ease your circumstances.”


Apparently, Mickey Green posted his Go Fund Me request back in July 2018, but received few if any contributions until yesterday.  As of this writing, he has received $2,779 of the $2,500 that he sought.



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