Elder David B. Haight on the 1978 priesthood revelation

Elder David B. Haight on the 1978 priesthood revelation February 25, 2019


A photo of the place where some folks I knew well were married
The Salt Lake City Utah Temple   (Wikimedia Commons)


From the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


The Strait and Narrow Path: A Video Supplement for Come, Follow Me Lesson 9: “He Taught Them as One Having Authority”




From the indispensable Jeff Lindsay:


“‘A Strange Piece of Work’ Poorly Explained by a Non-LDS Witness of the Book of Mormon Translation”




I was involved in a small meeting up in Salt Lake City last Thursday afternoon.  I was anticipating that Elder Gary Stevenson of the Twelve would be among those there, but, as it happened, he wasn’t.  This disappointed me, because I’ve known him since before he was called as a mission president to Japan, where one of my sons eventually served under him.  Now, though, I see why he wasn’t there:


“Gospel begins at home — Mormon leader”




Elder David B. Haight (1906-2004):


I would hope someday that our great-grandson Mark and others of our posterity would have similar spiritual experiences and that they would feel the spiritual power and influence of this gospel. I hope that Mark and others will have opportunities such as I had when I was in the temple when President Spencer W. Kimball received the revelation regarding the priesthood. I was the junior member of the Quorum of the Twelve. I was there. I was there with the outpouring of the Spirit in that room so strong that none of us could speak afterwards. We just left quietly to go back to the office. No one could say anything because of the powerful outpouring of the heavenly spiritual experience.

But just a few hours after the announcement was made to the press, I was assigned to attend a stake conference in Detroit, Michigan. When my plane landed in Chicago, I noticed an edition of the Chicago Tribune on the newsstand. The headline in the paper said, “Mormons Give Blacks Priesthood.” And the subheading said, “President Kimball Claims to Have Received a Revelation.” I bought a copy of the newspaper. I stared at one word in that subheading: claims. It stood out to me just like it was in red neon. As I walked along the hallway to make my plane connection, I thought, Here I am now in Chicago walking through this busy airport, yet I was a witness to this revelation. I was there. I witnessed it. I felt that heavenly influence. I was part of it. Little did the editor of that newspaper realize the truth of that revelation when he wrote, “Claims to Have Received a Revelation.” Little did he know, or the printer, or the man who put the ink on the press, or the one who delivered the newspaper — little did any of them know that it was truly a revelation from God. Little did they know what I knew because I was a witness to it.



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