Just in case you haven’t bought them yet

Just in case you haven’t bought them yet February 28, 2019


An Interpreter volume
A book from Interpreter


The hardcover is now available for purchasing from Amazon.com and AmazonSmile, for $24.95.

A review by Julie J. Nichols for the Association for Mormon Letters can be read at this link.

Temple on Mount Zion Series 1
Editors: Matthew B. Brown, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Stephen D. Ricks, John S. Thompson
Proceedings of the Expound Symposium, 14 May 2011

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction (Editors)
  2. Symbols and Patterns
    1. Cube, Gate, and Measuring Tools: A Biblical Pattern (Matthew B. Brown)
    2. Noah’s Deluge as Temple Liturgy (L. Michael Morales)
  3. Ritual Actions
    1. “Standing in the Holy Place”: Ancient and Modern Reverberations of an Enigmatic New Testament Prophecy (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)
    2. Ten Ways to Interpret Ritual Hand Gestures (David M. Calabro)
    3. The Ritual Sacred Embrace and Sacred Handclasp in Ancient Mediterranean Religions (Stephen D. Ricks)
  4. Themes of Ascent
    1. Ascending into the Hill of the Lord (David J. Larsen)
    2. The Sôd of yhwh and the Endowment (William J. Hamblin)
    3. Temples All the Way Down: Some Notes on the Mi‘raj of Muhammad (Daniel C. Peterson)
    4. The Lady at the Horizon: Egyptian Tree-Goddess Iconography and Sacred Trees in Israelite Scripture and Temple Theology (John S. Thompson)
  5. Book of Mormon Insights
    1. Nephite Daykeepers: Ritual Specialists in the Book of Mormon (Mark Alan Wright)
    2. Is Decrypting the Genetic Legacy of America’s Indigenous Populations Key to the Historicity of the Book of Mormon? (Ugo Perego)




Matt Bowen's book
One of our most recent books


Name as Key-Word:
Collected Essays on Onomastic Wordplay and the Temple in Mormon Scripture

By Matthew L. Bowen

This hard-cover book is available directly from Eborn Books for $22.99. It is also available on Amazon and AmazonSmile for $24.95. (Prices may vary depending on vendor.)

Throughout the Bible, understanding the meaning of names of important people and places is often crucial to understanding the message of the ancient authors. In other words, names of people and places serve as “key-words” that can help unlock the intended messages of scripture.

Since the Book of Mormon is an ancient record rooted in Old Testament traditions, it is not surprising that similar patterns of wordplay emerge from its pages. Besides their important role as key-words in scriptural interpretation, the names of people and places may also provide our clearest glimpses into the text that existed on the plates from which Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon. In many instances, the names of important Book of Mormon people and places are directly related to words matching the most-likely Hebrew and Egyptian origins for those names. Textual and contextual clues suggest that this matching was done deliberately in order to enhance literary beauty and as an aid to understanding. In some cases, authorial wordplay can be verified by a close analysis of matching text structures. In others, the wordplay can be verified by using the Bible as a “control” text.

A wealth of philological, onomastic, and textual evidence suggests that the Book of Mormon, like the Bible, is the work of ancient authors rather than that of a rural nineteenth-century man of limited literary attainments. Knowing more about these names enriches our understanding of the stories that these authors tell.

Table of Contents:

Foreword by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw
1. Nephi’s Good Inclusio
2. “Most Desirable Above All Things”: Mary and Mormon
3. Joseph, Benjamin, and Gezera Shawa
4. “What Thank They the Jews?”
5. “And There Wrestled a Man with Him”: Jacob, Enos, Israel, and Peniel
6. Young Man, Hidden Prophet: Alma
7. Father Is a Man: Abish
8. “They Were Moved with Compassion”: Zarahemla and Jershon
9. “See That Ye Are Not Lifted Up”: Zoram and the Rameumptom
10. “He Is a Good Man”
11. My People are Willing: Aminadab
12. Getting Cain and Gain

13. Place of Crushing: Heshlon (with Pedro Olavarria)
14. “In the Mount of the Lord It Shall Be Seen” and “Provided”
15. Founded Upon a Rock: Peter’s Surnaming
16. You More Than Owe Me This Benefit: Philemon and Onesimus



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