The “Witnesses” film effort is moving forward

The “Witnesses” film effort is moving forward June 11, 2019


Moroni, in gold
A statue of the Angel Moroni by Torleif Knaphus stands atop the Hill Cumorah, just south of Palmyra, New York, commemorating the revelation and recovery of the Book of Mormon.
(Wikimedia Commons public domain)


An announcement and a link on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


“DNA Helps Solve a Historical Question about Joseph Smith”




I liked the short videos that accompany these stories:


From Japan:  “At Global Faith Forum, Apostle Shares Seven Ways Religions Can Help Society Prosper: Elder Gong and Sister Eubank share Latter-day Saint perspectives on promoting peace, strengthening human dignity and caring for the planet”


This one may prove to be quite significant:


From the Persian Gulf:  “Apostle Thanks State of Kuwait for Formally Recognizing the Church: Elder Cook and his wife, Mary, greet Mr. Fareed Emadi in Kuwait City”




My wife and I have been gone in the Middle East and England for the past six weeks, and we leave the country again very shortly.  So we had a couple of meetings at our house today regarding the Witnesses film project that is moving forward under the aegis of the Interpreter Foundation, which I have the privilege and honor to head.


Progress is being made regarding potential filming locations in eastern Canada and western Massachusetts, as well as in a couple of places in Utah.  We have a newly revised version of the script in hand, to which I devoted part of today.  (I’m liking it more and more.)  We’re very close to meeting our funding goal for the next phase of production.


I’m gratified.  I wish I were around a bit more these days in order to help, and I’m sad that some of the filming back east will probably be done in September, when my teaching schedule won’t permit me to be there.  Still, though, matters are proceeding quite nicely.


Our website hasn’t changed much yet, but there is one item that I would like you to notice.


Some of my critics have made merry over the project.  “After all,” they laugh, “what does Peterson know about making movies?”


But, of course, I won’t be the person principally making the film.  I have friends and associates who are professionals at making films.  And a relevant new feature has now been added to the film’s promotional website.


Scroll down on the site to the area marked “Production Team” and then locate the logo for “Red Brick Film Works.”  Click on that logo and sit back and get some sense of the quality of work that our team has done and that it will do on the Witnesses project.


I’m very excited.


If you would like to help us with this effort, we would welcome your contribution:




Please indicate whether you’re giving to the Interpreter Foundation generally or to the Witnesses film project specifically.



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