Friday, from the Interpreter Foundation

Friday, from the Interpreter Foundation October 4, 2019


Joseph in the garden
Joseph Smith working in his garden   (Still photo from the set of Witnesses by James Jordan)


It’s Friday, so — I hope, to nobody’s very great surprise by now — a new article has appeared in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship:


“Could Joseph Smith Have Drawn on Ancient Manuscripts When He Translated the Story of Enoch?: Recent Updates on a Persistent Question”


Abstract: In this article, we offer a general critique of scholarship that has argued for Joseph Smith’s reliance on 1 Enoch or other ancient pseudepigrapha for the Enoch chapters in the Book of Moses. Our findings highlight the continued difficulties of scholars to sustain such arguments credibly. Following this general critique, we describe the current state of research relating to what Salvatore Cirillo took to be the strongest similarity between Joseph Smith’s chapters on Enoch and the Qumran Book of Giants — namely the resemblance between the name Mahawai in the Book of Giants and Mahujah/Mahijah in Joseph Smith’s Enoch account. We conclude this section with summaries of conversations of Gordon C. Thomasson and Hugh Nibley with Book of Giants scholar Matthew Black about these names. Next, we explain why even late and seemingly derivative sources may provide valuable new evidence for the antiquity of Moses 6–7 or may corroborate details from previously known Enoch sources. By way of example, we summarize preliminary research that compares passages in Moses 6–7 to newly available ancient Enoch texts from lesser known sources. We conclude with a discussion of the significance of findings that situate Joseph Smith’s Enoch account in an ancient milieu. Additional work is underway to provide a systematic and detailed analysis of ancient literary affinities in Moses 6–7, including an effort sponsored by Book of Mormon Central in collaboration with The Interpreter Foundation.




Martin and Joseph at work
Martin Harris informs Joseph Smith that Lucy Harris is suing Joseph.
(Still photo by James Jordan)


An embarrassing day for Martin
Joseph Smith (Paul Wuthrich) and Martin Harris (Lincoln Hoppe) discuss Lucy’s pending lawsuit.
(Still photo by James Jordan)


I’m writing from the LDS Motion Picture Studio, where our actors and crew are shooting some of the remaining scenes for the dramatic portion of the Interpreter Foundation’s Witnesses film project.  My wife and I have been helping to set things up for a special thank-you lunch for those significantly involved.


Alvin's burial
Joseph Smith prepares the grave for his newborn baby Alvin (d. 1828)
(Still photo by James Jordan.  Director Mark Goodman in lower right corner)


A different take on this common scene
Emma Smith at the burial of her firstborn son  (Still photo by James Jordan)



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