New “Witnesses” trailer available!

New “Witnesses” trailer available! February 27, 2020


JS and wood chips
Paul Wuthrich (“Joseph Smith”) in a scene from the Interpreter Foundation’s Witnesses film project. The still photograph was taken by James Jordan.


I signed an agreement with Purdie Distribution last weekend on behalf of the Interpreter Foundation and the Witnesses film project.  Purdie Distribution has many years of experience with distributing independent films, and specifically films oriented to Latter-day Saint themes and audiences.  Accordingly, our publicity push for Witnesses begins this week.


That’s why we’ve been graciously invited to do a one-hour panel discussion on Witnesses as part of the nineteenth annual LDS Film Festival on Saturday, 29 February 2020 — that’s this coming weekend — at 5 PM at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem, Utah.  Admission to the panel discussion will be without charge.


In this connection, I’m pleased that a modified film trailer is now available on the website of the Witnesses project, combining footage from both the forthcoming Witnesses theatrical film and the documentary that will be produced to accompany it.  I encourage you to take a look at the revised trailer.


Here is a description of the general contours of the project from the Witnesses website:



Many know the story of the witnesses but few know why three men who, though intimately involved in the beginnings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, chose to leave it. Would they return? To reach a broader and younger audience, the dramatic film WITNESSES introduces viewers to the key Book of Mormon witnesses and their dramatic stories.


Were the eleven official witnesses of the Book of Mormon reliable? Were there unofficial witnesses? What did women experience? Were the plates actually gold? Could witnesses really hear the voice of God and yet still doubt His prophet? In a unique and innovative blend of behind-the-scene footage with scholars, skeptics, and experts, this hour will get families talking as we face the fact that none of the witnesses ever denied their claims, but boldly proclaimed their testimonies.


To share the depth of so many insightful interviews with those who desire to learn more, the team will ultimately produce SNIPPETS—many short “films” about 3.5 minutes long—and distribute them via The Interpreter Foundation website.


This has been a while coming, and there’s still work to do.  But we’re headed into the home stretch with a good head of steam, and I’m excited about the way that things are coming together.  If you’re still interested in being involved, there is still opportunity.  Please scroll down through the website and you’ll see how.



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