“Bad Grammar in the Book of Mormon Found in Early English Bibles”

“Bad Grammar in the Book of Mormon Found in Early English Bibles” February 7, 2020


Leland Stanford Junior University
A view of Stanford University, in California, where Dr. Carmack began his formal studies in linguistics
(Wikimedia Commons public domain photograph)


Another new article has appeared in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship.  It was written by Dr. Stanford Carmack:


“Bad Grammar in the Book of Mormon Found in Early English Bibles”

Abstract: This study describes ten types of grammatical usage found in early modern Bibles with correlates in the original text of the Book of Mormon. In some cases Joseph Smith’s own language could have produced the matching grammar, but in other cases his own linguistic preferences were unlikely to have produced the patterns or usage found in the original text. Comparative linguistic research indicates that this grammatical correspondence shouldn’t be a surprise, since plenty of Book of Mormon syntax matches structures and patterns found in Early Modern English.




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Jordan photo of DC Temple
The Washington DC Temple as a group of us saw it some time ago from the Beltway, during a visit to the American east coast in order to film interviews for the Interpreter Foundation’s Witnesses project. (Photo by James Jordan)


“Jack looked out the window as they passed the Mormon temple, just outside the beltway near Connecticut Avenue. A decidedly odd-looking building, it had grandeur with its marble columns and gilt spires. The beliefs represented by that impressive structure seemed curious . . . but the people who held them were honest and hardworking and fiercely loyal to their country because they believed in what America stood for . . . something more important than man’s corporeal existence” (Clear & Present Danger, Berkley: Penguin Group (1990), Ch. 23, “The Games Begin”).



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