Two Reports from Paradise?

Two Reports from Paradise? May 9, 2020


Cave Thomas Dante (with Beatrice)
“Dante in Heaven,” by William Cave Thomas (1820-1896); Wikimedia Commons public domain image


It’s time, perhaps, for some additional notes drawn from a couple of the accounts gathered by Lee Nelson, Visions from Beyond the Veil (Springville, UT: Council Press, 2014):


When I had said this, I could see my body on the table, shaking violently.  I was transported to the most beautiful place I had ever seen, so beautiful I cannot adequately describe it. . .

I heard the most beautiful music I had ever heard.

Everyone was wearing white robes, so white as to defy description.  And everyone was praising Heavenly Father with the most beautiful music I had ever heard.  (77)

There was a great gulf I had to cross in order to be where Heavenly Father was, but I couldn’t cross it.

I knew that if I tried to cross it, there would be no return.  I just wanted to stay and hear the beautiful music and the praises to Heavenly Father.

Then suddenly, I was transported back.  I didn’t want to come back, but there was something compelling me to return.  Then I was standing above my body, and I could see the doctors working on me.  They were swearing. . . .

I could see my body shaking and quivering from electric shock.  I wondered why they wouldn’t leave me alone, why they wouldn’t let me go.  (78)


A few days later as we were leaving the hospital, Marion [the narrator’s husband] told the doctor he wished he had taken a coffee break during the operation.  Marion said that would have allowed him to stay longer at the beautiful place he had visited.

The doctor just laughed, but on the way home I asked Marion what he had been talking about.  He told me that while they were operating on him, he suddenly found himself going through a maze or misty tunnel at the end of which was a very bright light.  After passing through the tunnel, he came to the most beautiful park he had ever seen.  The trees were in full bloom and the sun shining.  He could smell the flowers and hear the birds and a trickling brook.  This was a very peaceful place. (94)

All of a sudden my husband found himself shooting back through the tunnel and through the mist until he was in the operating room again, looking down on his body as they worked on him with the electric shock machine.

“Now I know why my chest hurt so badly,” he thought as he watched them apply electricity to get his heart pumping again.  (95)



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