A Christmas gift recommendation and a book notice

A Christmas gift recommendation and a book notice December 2, 2021


Witnesses, the poster
The official film poster for “Witnesses”




As Christmas draws nigh, there’s at least one holiday gift that I can recommend to you with complete enthusiasm:  The Interpreter Foundation’s Witnesses theatrical film is now available on both DVD and Blu-ray:




If you or someone you know didn’t get a chance to watch the movie in theaters, there’s still an easy way to see it at home.  And if you did see it but would like to share it with friends and family, it’s now easy to do that.




Recently up on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


Nibley Lectures: Come, Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Lesson 17 “My Law to Govern My Church” D&C 41-44

During 1978, 1979, and 1980, Hugh Nibley taught a Doctrine and Covenants Sunday School class. Cassette recordings were made of these classes and some have survived and were recently digitized by Steve Whitlock. Most of the tapes were in pretty bad condition. The original recordings usually don’t stop or start at the beginning of the class and there is some background noise. Volumes vary, probably depending upon where the recorder was placed in the room. Many are very low volume but in most cases it’s possible to understand the words. In a couple of cases the ends of one class were put on some space left over from a different class.  Even with these flaws and missing classes, we believe these these will be interesting to listen to and valuable to your Come, Follow Me study program.




My attention has been called to a book that has been recently published by my former BYU faculty colleague Norbert H. O. Duckwitz:


The Infinite Exchange: Cruces and Insights in the Gospels

The Infinite Exchange: Cruces and Insights in the Gospels shines a light on passages (cruces) in the Gospels that are difficult or impossible to interpret and resolve. These passages are read over again and again in translation without requisite insight. As a result, they are minimized, glossed over. The book focuses on the meaning of words in the original text, intent, background, and context in order to make meaningful what is seemingly meaningless.


Here is Professor Duckwitz’s short bio from  “Born in war-torn Germany but protected by family, he escaped as a child from East German Stettin, a city continually bombed by Russian Air Force and threatened by a standing Russian army ready at any moment to cross the Oder River, to picturesque Celle by Hanover in northern West Germany. He fulfilled his mother’s dream when the family immigrated and he received a solid education in the United States. His greatest dreams were fulfilled by associating with students at the university level and teaching almost fifty years of Classics: Greek language and literature, New Testament, Latin language and Literature, Medieval Latin, Greek and Roman Religion and Mythology, specializing in mainstream Greek and Latin Poetry.”


For other titles from Dr. Duckwitz, see here.



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