Number Three

Number Three May 8, 2022


Denardo David Whitmer grave marker
David Whitmer had been out of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for many decades when he died in Richmond, Missouri, on 25 January 1888. But he wanted his testimony about the Book of Mormon to be heard even beyond his death. Note the two books (presumably the Bible and the Book of Mormon) carved atop his grave marker and the words carved into its side.

(Public domain photograph by Tom Denardo, from Wikimedia Commons)




I’m pleased to announce (although, owing to my schedule today, I’m announcing it about four and a half hours late) that the third installment of the Interpreter Foundation’s “Undaunted Witnesses” reels went up this (Saturday) evening:


Undaunted Witnesses Episode 3: David Whitmer, Witness, with Camrey Bagley Fox and Gerrit Dirkmaat

David Whitmer was one of the Three Witnesses, from a whole family of witnesses of the Gold Plates. Yet after falling out with Joseph Smith, David left the Church and never returned. But he also never denied his testimony of the Book of Mormon—and, in fact, emphatically repeated that witness countless times through the remainder of his life.

This is the third episode in a series of posts supporting the testimonies of all the various witnesses to the Book of Mormon. This episode focuses on the experiences of David Whitmer, one of the Three Witnesses. For more information, go to or watch the documentary movie Undaunted.

A short clip from this episode is also available on TikTok and Instagram.


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Did any of you in the United States or elsewhere outside of Palestine happen to hear about this story?  In Israel, we marveled at it.  I mean, what kind of a moron do you have to be in order to pull a stunt like this?


Panic at Israel airport after US family bring unexploded shell to security check: One man was taken to hospital for treatment for injuries sustained as he tried to flee the area over a baggage carousel.”


“Chaos as American family brings unexploded shell to Israel airport”


Fortunately, we and all of the members of our tour group arrived at Ben Gurion before the incident, and we all left after it — and it didn’t seem to be affected in any permanent way.  In fact, it’s worth mentioning that Ben Gurion is a much more friendly airport than it was when I first arrived at it in January 1978.  It was horrible back then.  But now it’s really quite pleasant.


And not a single one of us brought an unexploded piece of ordnance to the airport.  At least, so far as I’m aware.



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