Teaching Biblical Studies and Judaism Through Utah State University

Teaching Biblical Studies and Judaism Through Utah State University April 2, 2015

USU in Logan, UT

I’ve taken a position as the new online professor of Biblical Studies and Judaism for Utah State University’s Religious Studies program. Information about the program and my position can be accessed here.

I’m really excited about this new project. USU is leading out in an effort to provide high quality distant learning opportunities for students interested in obtaining academic degrees. Currently USU offers 18 degrees and programs that can be obtained completely online, including a Minor in Religious Studies. The plan is to build slowing, offering an “Introduction to Judaism” course this Fall. We’ll then add additional classes in topics such as “Historical Jesus in a First Century Jewish Context” and “Hebrew Bible.” This will be an outstanding way for students all around the globe to develop critical thinking skills and a serious academic understanding of Judaism and the Bible. On a personal note, I feel passionately about helping provide the USU community with quality education in these areas. My own 17-year-old daughter Rebekah is on her way to USU this year as a Philosophy major.

It’s going to be an exciting journey!

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