Sally Thomas’s Fallen Water

Sally Thomas’s Fallen Water October 29, 2014

Advance notice for my friend Sally Thomas’s new collection of poems, Fallen Water. Here’s something from the publisher’s promotional message:

Spoken endearments may be the best way to describe Sally Thomas’s poems. Throughout the book, she seeks to find the eternal in the ephemeral:  ghosts of aunts and parents past, an infant buried in Holy Week, a daughter on her way somewhere, now past the security checkpoint, “shifting her backpack/With its mortal weight to her other shoulder.”  These precisely written poems remind us of how we all “Hoard the jangling coins” of memory as “the line moves forward,” for “this is what is real/The line moving forward.”

“If you wonder where the wisdom and music of poetry have gone these days, alight here to sip from the wealth of this book.”

— Bruce Guernsey, editor emeritus of The Spoon River Review and author of From Rain:  Poems 1970-2010

The book can be pre-ordered here till December 19th (the number of pre-ordered books determines how many they print) and will be shipped January 31st. Sally is a Catholic, and another convert, whose husband teaches at Belmont Abbey College. Here’s a review of a previous book of poems and here’s her poem Examination of Conscience. She has several poems on the Dappled Things site but it’s not coming up for me. I much liked the poems of hers I’ve read and will be ordering the book.

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