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LifeNews & the Truth November 9, 2014

Here’s the headline from LifeNews: Wendy Davis Campaign Blames Massive Defeat on Ebola. Here’s the lede: “In one of the most bizzare explanations for losing a campaign ever, a spokesman for pro-abortion Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis blamed the massive loss to pro-life Governor-elect Greg Abbott on ebola.”

And here’s the second paragraph of the story the article’s reporting:

Speaking on behalf of Davis’ campaign, Communications Director Zac Petkanas told the Wall Street Journal, “The losses that you are seeing in very blue states are simply amplified in states like Texas where there is already a structural advantage for Republicans,” he said. The Journal added that, “Another challenge, [Petkanas] said, was that Texas was at the center of two issues — immigration and the Ebola scare — that helped drive Republican voters to the polls.”

You will notice a very large gap between what the spokesman said and what the headline and the lede claim. LifeNews is essentially blaring out “Fools make ridiculous excuse,” when the spokesman only noted an uncontroversial fact (why did so many Republicans use the ebola story against Obama if they didn’t think it would bring them votes?), which he mentions only as “another challenge,” not the reason for the defeat.

The story is written by LifeNews’ founder and editor, Steven Ertelt.

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