Miss Rand Celebrates Christmas

Miss Rand Celebrates Christmas December 23, 2014

More on Miss Rand, covered earlier in Ayn Rand As Some People Have (Alas) Never Seen Her, this supplied by the leftist site AlterNet: David Akadjian supplies Ayn Rand’s Christmas cards. She apparently actually sent out Christmas cards but no examples survive, so Akadjian supplies a few suggestions. The most effective is one showing Joseph talking to the inn keeper, pointing to his wife sitting on a donkey, with the words “What I am fighting is the idea that charity is a moral duty and a primary value. Ayn Rand.”

While I’m at it, see John Oliver’s How Is She Still a Thing? (very rude language) and from The New Yorker, Mallory Ortberg’s Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies.

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