Everyday abundance. “I have enough”

Everyday abundance. “I have enough” November 11, 2013

I got at least a dozen Christmas catalogs in the mail yesterday. I saw a Santa in the hardware store. Red and green are everywhere.

It’s coming.

It’s bad enough that on the average day, you and I will be faced with an onslaught of an estimated 200 commercial advertisements. And that number is rising as marketers commandeer the sides of school buses, stadiums and movie theaters.

I opened the pages of the newspaper today and a dozen ads fell out of the center. Rich in color, brash in their claims and inviting with their products I opened each one. I found many things that were enticing. Electronics, clothes, and housewares.
A tour through my closet will reveal a little bit of everything. I have clothes I haven’t work for years. I have shirts in pastels and solids, knits and cottons. I have pleated pants, flat front pants, and even a pair of bell bottoms. I have socks in five different colors.
I have enough.
Tree of Abundance by Carol Cavalaris

I have devices that ring and buzz to keep me on time. I have an automatic coffee maker, a microwave that heats anything in a minute. I have every creature comfort.

I have enough.
I have a pantry with sauces and staples, mixes and canned food. I have a freezer with meat and fruit and leftovers from who-knows-when. I have never gone a done without food.
I have enough.
The doorbell in the house recently failed.  It caught me off guard. Is it ever used for anything important? Solicitors looking to convert my television choice, my old windows, or my religion. Still, I needed one. A trip to the big box store for a replacement doorbell was surprising. There was a station with each bell set up on working display.  I found myself testing each of them.

Bling-bling. Dong. DING-dong. Ding DONG. Bong. Te-ring.  I stopped half way through the exercise, catching my insanity just before the brink. Shaking my head back to reality, I just picked one and bolted for the register.

Everyday abundance seems unnecessary, indulgent and a waste of my energy.

Do I need all this choice, all these options, all of this?

Or will I day finally be satisfied?

When will I finally say, “I have enough.”


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  • This is rich material we need to all consider. Why is it so hard for us to be satisfied…

  • Mia

    Dear David

    You can have all these things and not be very poor where it counts! Like with your doorbell, these things break, gather dust become to small due to overweight, lose its sparkle and so the list goes on. But true poverty of spirit is such a blessing for then we are able to drink from the Fountain of Life!

  • joepote01

    Not an easy question to wrestle with…

    I have more clothes in my closet than I need or want…in fact I plan to go thru and cut the number of shirts to about half…again…

    And yet, I recently bought a new winter coat, because winter is here and my old 17-year-old coat is threadbare and worn out. Could I have made it do for one more year? Probably. Should I have? I don’t know, but I’m sure enjoying this new warm coat!

    Sometimes it seems I have too much stuff that I don’t need or want while still lacking things that I need…or want…

  • Being content isn’t easy. It’s only by the grace of God that we can learn to be content with what we have instead of focus on what we don’t have.

    Our society bombards us with the message that we need more, bigger, better, and so on.

    But my heart says all I need is God. He supplies all my needs and gives me many of my wants.

    When I start to think I “need” something else, I try and stop and count my blessings. I have so very much to be thankful for.

  • I took a missions trip to Mongolia and came back so convicted of how materialistic we were. But slowly over time, the American norm creeps back in and I lose that conviction.

  • The standing joke among musicians is that we suffer from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome); as much as I might like to have a classical guitar, a 12-string guitar, and yada, yada, yada, I manage to do fine with the gear that I have both for live performance and recording projects of others.

    Want what you have runs counter to a consumer-driven society and economy – their message is lust after the latest and greatest – but the truth is the state of the art never arrives and satisfaction is never delivered.

  • Oh, well done, David. Maybe a little too well done?? Yeah, I stand convicted. I have WAY more than enough. And yet. . . So, yes, I’m working on this, too. Thanks for showing the way.

  • Floyd

    I’m with you. With age and wisdom from Above I’m beginning to realize the person that coined the phrase, “less is more,” is a prophet…

    • We get to this age and we ask, “what’s the point?”

  • Judy

    But do we think less of someone who doesn’t have the latest style or newest gadget? The flip side is we also judge others by what they have.

    • That’s true. How many of bought “smart” phones because we didnt want to be perceived as “dumb”

  • I still get overwhelmed in stores at the abundance of choices. One of the thing I look forward to in heaven is the lack of pressure to fulfill our wants.

    Good post.