Finding the words to describe the indescribable

Finding the words to describe the indescribable January 26, 2022
I first read the word and just passed it by in my mind. It was foreign, unknown, and unnecessary. With 100,000 English words to use, why bother with another language?
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Dad spoke German. So did my Aunt.  But “I know nothing,” of German, picking up phrases from Hogan’s Heroes and that’s it. But still, I was intrigued and I don’t know why.

“A noun translated as ‘longing,’ ‘yearning’ and ‘craving,'” said the dictionary. “Or, in a wider sense, a type of ‘intensely missing.'”

I gulped. For my whole life, I’ve had an awkward shifting in my soul, a back and forth movement, a stammering to describe something unknowing.

“Sehnsucht is difficult to translate adequately,” the dictionary says. “It describes a deep emotional state.”

Could this actually pinpoint the hollow echo, the sad and distant goodbye, the endless waves that resonate deep within?  Or those glimpes and shadows, the knowledge that I could never put my finger on?

C. S. Lewis used the word, calling it the “inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.”

I know this word!

It’s the feeling that I don’t belong, that my home is in a distant land.
It’s the wooing of another world, a place of hope.
It’s the deep question mark that is embedded in everything i do.

I have heard it my whole life!

It’s that nostalgia for places I have never been to.
It’s the love affair of Someone that I’ve never seen
It’s the longing for the longing

The enigma is this — the Germans described something that cannot be described in a word I cannot pronounce. These things shouldn’t be easy. In fact, I never want the full answer. I always want to be on the quest.

There is a distant shore, a place without a name, a destination that I cannot know — until I’ve arrived.

I am not alone, for we have all heard its calling.

I hear You.

“I will put My instructions deep within them,  and I will write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be My people” (Jeremiah 31:33).

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