Funnyman Jim Carrey Finds His Way Home Through Suffering

Funnyman Jim Carrey Finds His Way Home Through Suffering July 21, 2017

People who lose their way are all around us. Stumbling around, foolishly picking their way through the carnage they’ve created.

It’s hard for me to judge. Heck, I was one of them.

And on many days, I’m still wandering.

I’m seeing some of you along the way too, fellow pilgrims looking for home.

Jim Carrey, preaching the gospel

I recently saw a recent video of Jim Carrey, speaking of his own lostness – and how he is finding his way home.

You know Carrey, the man with the rubber face who has starred in many off-beat comedies, the heir to Jerry Lewis’ crown of comics that make us laugh.

He’s had more than his shares of troubles, his life a magnet because of wealth and fame.  He will soon go to trial, accused of being culpable in a woman’s suicide.

But the troubles have helped him find a way back home. In this video, he talks candidly to a room full of men who have been in and out of prison.

The audience is Homeboy Industries, located in downtown Los Angeles. The ministry provides job training for former gang members and previously incarcerated men and women so they can change their lives.

They are applauded by Carrey when he says that they have made the choice to “leave darkness behind.”

suffering, jim carrey
Photo by ShutterFan, via UnSplash, CCLI

Suffering leads to salvation

Jim Carrey speaks the language of these redeemed men and women when he says, “Suffering leads to salvation.”

“We have to embrace our suffering and then we make one of two decisions. One is the gate of resentment, which leads to self harm which leads to harm to others. The other is forgiveness, which leads to grace.”

He then speaks about Jesus – openly – and the suffering on the cross. “He made the decision to forgive those who had caused him harm.”

Suffering kind of sneaks up on you. For some, it blasts through the front door, like the diagnosis that comes through like a freight train. For others, it seeps in edges, like a leaking gas that pulls the air out of the room.

It’s how you react that changes the course of your life  — forever.

I want the one with the happy ending

The story is told about a little boy who went to the pound. Eager dog faces pressed against the fence, but one got the boys attention.

He announced to his dad that he wanted the dog with the big tail that swayed back and forth, banging against the wall.

“I want the one with happy ending,” he said.

Like you, I’ve had some bad things happen. Some sadness. Some pain.  I’ve lost love and friends and loved ones. I’ve experienced the dark side of life.

And now I’ve gained all of that back — and then some. I have bliss, because It’s never too late. It’s about living a renewed life.

Carrey echoes that in his brief message.

“What you do is the heart, the eyes of God,”  Carrey says. “You bless people with your work, with your effort.”

I make choices every day. And once again, I’m ready to choose the one with a happy ending.

Watch this short, amazing video by Carrey

Note: Some have taken issue with some of the theology in this video. Give the guy a break and listen to his heart. 

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