Who says you can’t? (Breaking the rules)

Who says you can’t? (Breaking the rules) May 17, 2017

Since the overthrow of the government in 1979, The Islamic Republic of Iran has a number of restrictive laws. Women can go to the gym, but they must stay in their Hijab. They can sit in restaurants and cafes, but they cannot smoke in public. There are more than 100 offenses that carry the death penalty. And executions are often public.

A curious restriction concerns live music performances on television. The imagery of instruments being played has been banned. The restriction is because they are deemed “Too irreverent.”

But one little band is figured out how to play on, despite the rule.

Pallette, a contemporary band that plays a Persian-Gypsy-Swing found a way to make an appearance in a grand way. They sat before the cameras and played their music – without instruments.  The performance can be seen here.

The air band performance is just the rule-bending kind of thing that might give the beleaguered people a glimpse of hope against the oppressive regime.

It makes me think about the restrictions we face in our minds. We are told we can’t, we shouldn’t, we won’t . And most these restrictions are silly, self imposed and do nothing but keep us from what God has told us to do.

Maybe you’ve been told you can’t sing, or write, or dance.

Maybe you’ve been told you shouldn’t put in for that job, because you are too young, not experienced enough, not educated enough.

Maybe you’ve been stuffing your dream back in the pillowcase waiting for your dreams to drench them one more night.

Play on.

Courtesy Pallett Band
Courtesy Pallett Band

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