Shipwrecked? There’s hope.

Shipwrecked? There’s hope. April 3, 2017

We are a shipwrecked people, swamped by the raging seas.

Desperately we look for something to cling to, a plank of hope.

We know that hope isn’t our money.
We know it’s not our fortune.
We know it’s not our good looks.
We know it’s not our family connection.
We know it’s not our jobs.
We have tried all of those things, and they just cause us to sink into the dark oceanic abyss.

Instead, we find salvation in the Master, who told us that finding him was like discovering a “pearl of great price, a treasure in a field, or a coin thought lost.”

And landlocked people can be shipwrecked,too. The landlocked think they are secure with their homes, their credit cards, their storehouses, and their self-interest. But they will soon be swallowed by the tide and lost — just like us.

There is no shame in our condition – Jesus said unless we come as little children,we would never enter into his rest.

We need a plank of wood to hold on to.

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