A World in Shadow

  • A World in Shadow I (May 22, 2006)
    Examines the problem of evil through the lens of five treatable diseases: polio, measles, guinea worm, blinding trachoma, and filariasis.
  • A World in Shadow II (July 31, 2006)
    Some of the heartbreaking genetic illnesses that afflict and destroy the lives of the young make it extremely implausible that a loving and omnipotent deity exists.
  • A World in Shadow III (November 18, 2006)
    Showcases the ineffectiveness of superstition at alleviating suffering, as told through the story of a particularly horrible type of cancer.
  • A World in Shadow IV (April 23, 2007)
    If loving parents would not let their child starve to death, we surely have a right to expect at least as much from a loving creator.
  • A World in Shadow V (October 19, 2007)
    Atheists, unlike theists, do not have to wrestle with the problem of why a benevolent god would send evil and suffering into human lives.
  • A World in Shadow VI (March 20, 2009)
    When something as small as a moment’s nudge of memory could save innocent children from a terrible death, what excuse could there possibly be for a benevolent being not intervening?
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