The greatest toy story ever told: Mr. Bean goes to Bethlehem

The greatest toy story ever told: Mr. Bean goes to Bethlehem December 23, 2010

Anyone who’s ever played with a small nativity scene — come on, admit it, you’ve done it — will appreciate this priceless piece of performance art by the inimitable Mr. Bean.

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7 responses to “The greatest toy story ever told: Mr. Bean goes to Bethlehem”

  1. Well, Swebb, maybe girls laugh but I still think that “guys” play this kind of way. Ask your daughters. Sorry to be so sexist.

  2. I always had an unbreakable nativity set for my children to play with when they were young. Mary and Joseph had adventures they never dreamed of! Thanks for the laughs. Now my two year old granddaughter plays with a nativity set. Last night she gave ‘baby Jesus’ to Joseph and had Mary go away and then come back to Jesus all while singing the song: “My Mommy Comes Back”. Merry Christmas!

  3. Well after enjoying the video with my girls I must now be deemed the worst Catholic mother ever. My girls served at a Christmas Eve Mass for our parish less than 24 hours after watching that video. Now we have a small parish and when the servers are in front of the altar with the candles and bells for the consecration they are also looking straight into the creche underneath the altar. Apparently, my two girls were on the verge of giggles remembering the part of the video when the wise man whispers to Mary and she looks up to see the dinosaur. Sigh. At least they held it together enough that no one knew.

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