It's written all over her face

It's written all over her face April 13, 2011

Here’s one stunning entry in the iConfess video contest — it says it all, brilliantly.  It was produced by students at the John Paul the Great Catholic University in San Diego.  Check out other entries at this link.
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11 responses to “It's written all over her face”

  1. GOD help us. What have we let happen to our women? What level have we stooped to in our schools?

  2. It’s very good in concept but boy I don’t think “fear” is a sin, or the insecurity she was manifesting after looking at the airbrushed models. They should do this with people detracting others, cheating on spouses, etc., things that are more clearly sins.

  3. It’s a powerful image, but I really wish they had used a man as the focus. When I see a woman pick up a fashion magazine, I see her being sinned against by a whole culture that says “you are not worthy”. Although she sins in envy, and maybe vanity, there is another side of the needed healing here: healing for woundedness in addition to sin.

    I do appreciate that they are being creative in getting people to an awesome sacrament. Whoever created this should keep it up.

  4. Interesting…
    I don’t know if you are a guy IC, but I felt just like Jeanette.
    It seemed the men saw something that I didn’t see, or vice versa.
    As a woman, I totally understood this girl’s desire to be free of the ugliness that can be so easy to get attached to in this society today. It’s a dirty world. Getting clean is so liberating!

  5. I’m a guy and found it an excellent video. I didn’t see so much gender as much as I saw a human soul. As for fear, this weakness this anti-virtue keeps more people away from each other and God than perhaps anything else. Excellent video!

  6. I also didn’t see “a woman” as much as a saw a struggling soul. To me “fear,” “insecurity,” etc. are the fruits of sin (of envy, vanity, etc.) from which we need healing, which is offered to us in reconciliation – like IC says, healing from “woundedness.” This healing is offered to us by Christ in the Sacrament, which I think is portrayed in the video.

    On another note, relating to the topic of gender, it seems sometimes that we are afraid of assigning blame to women – IC for example sees this particular woman as a victim, being “sinned against” by the culture. While that is true to an extent, we are still responsible for our actions, in this case, picking up the magazine, coveting other’s beauty, and so on. I have been in Confession before and had a priest tell me that my sins weren’t really sins because I was probably overtired. Are we so weak that we can’t even sin? At what point can we take responsibility for the cruel things we do and the good we leave undone?

  7. @Henry–
    Actually, this wasn’t a school project; it was created by the girl in the video. She’s a student at John Paul the Great University, but the school didn’t “do” this to her. It was her own concept, start to finish.

  8. “Get Clean” is THE winner – no doubt. The overall concept, the composition, and every detail are magnificent. We couldn’t be happier for this student and for the JP Catholic.
    The race is now for second place, and our vote is: “Be Reconciled to God.” Not as stunning as “Get Clean” but still beautiful and very good for two highschoolers.

  9. This video was good. I think the fear was suppose to symbolize how bad habits form bad virtues as sin darkens the intellect. What I noticed is the sins become bigger as the video goes on. I think the creator did an amazing job and I wish her the best of luck. My video wasn’t as good (see link if your curious).

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