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Quote of the day July 9, 2011

The heart of a true baseball fan:

“He deserved this. He worked so hard for this. He’s been in the league for so long. I’m not really the kind to take something away from him.  He earned it.”

— 23-year-old Yankee fan Christian Lopez.

Moments after catching the baseball that made history for Derek Jeter, Lopez returned it. Read more.

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5 responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. That is a very happy story! Thank you for posting this. I am a long time fan of Jeter and rejoice for him. This gift to him is more than a gift, it is pure Agape I believe.

  2. Christian – must be something in the name!

    Jeter is a good guy, reminds me of a little leaguer that never grew up, just got better with age, who enjoys the pure fun of the game.

    This fan got that – what a refreshing sight in this day of opportunists.

  3. Like most of the rest of the country that is not YankeeNation, it’s hard to root for the team. Still as Gerard says- class acts all around.

    Compare the folks suing each other over the Barry Bonds homerun baseball to how all involved treated this situation.

    The yankees offer of box seats to every game the rest of the season and playoffs to this gentlemen was a welcome antidote to the usual run to lawyers and embay.

    I imagine that we will see Mr Jeter and Mr Lopez together soon on Letterman/ Today/ GMA and that too will be a wonderful reward for this fan who really understands the game.

  4. I agree Gerald, CLASS ACT, and a rare genuine act of charity in today’s me me me world. It appears that ball was worth at least $250,000!

    I hope it comes back to him 100 fold! He would probably make a good announcer, seems comfortable on camera.

    I wonder how much his good deed made others think, who wouldn’t in a million years have considered giving the ball back had they caught it. I would think Jeter would also give him a little “cash”, hey considering. Heck, even $20,000 to a phone salesmen would go a long way.

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