Why is St. Clare the patron saint of television?

Why is St. Clare the patron saint of television? August 11, 2011

People ask me that question all the time, and Taylor Marshall offers the answer on this day, the saint’s feast:

The Venerable Pope Pius XII declared Saint Clare of Assisi as patroness of television in 1958 when televisions were becoming universally common.

Why did the pope choose this thirteenth century Franciscan foundress who was dedicated to evangelical poverty and would not have owned a television?

The reason is that Saint Clare, way back in the 1200s, was the first to experience “televised” Masses.

When Saint Clare was too ill to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Holy Spirit would project the Holy Mass on the wall of her room so that she could watch it from her bed.

This just goes to show that our Lord takes care of his faithful brides.


You can read more about St. Clare right here.

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