Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further November 28, 2011

From the Archdiocese of Washington, a nifty ad campaign debuts on TV tonight.  See below.

For more, check out the website: FindThePerfectGift.org., which lists ideas for finding a parish or finding ways to get more involved with the faith.

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6 responses to “Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further”

  1. Not only are the commercials good, but the website is simple and easy to use. I especially like the link to the articles about service opportunities (“the gift of service”) that had evidently appeared recently in the Catholic paper. I’d like to see something like that at Christmastime in our own archdiocesan publication.

  2. I was not looking for the perfect gift, but I’m finding it in the eyes of those that I love and care for: Brandon, my 11 yr old future godson, George at the car wash and his team, Mike – near the 7-11, Isabelle’s 8 yr old daughter, Estelle’s 5 yr old son Christopher, 8 yr old Alex in NH, and Kim. The gift is a tiny bit of Hope-Love-Joy. With God’s Grace, on Christmas morning, while attending Mass on EWTN, I will see their smiles, know their feeling of joy, hear the laughter and silent “thank you”, and know the warmth of His touch, as I visit my late wife Cicely at the Gate of Heaven Cemetery with roses.

  3. If I am correct (and it is possible that I am not), they are two brothers who are active in the pro-life movement — they are film producers and are active in showing all of us that people with disabilities should not be aborted or are to be considered castoffs or a drag on socieity. Those with disabilities can give each of us, so much more love and joy that we can ever imagine.

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