Have yourself an angry little Christmas…

Have yourself an angry little Christmas… December 19, 2011

…with this very clever “Angry Birds” – themed light display.  As the YouTube posting notes:

Running on two computers and 10 Light-o-rama 16 channel controllers, uses more than 20,000 lights and less than one cent of electricity per game. Audio is broadcast on 99.1FM, and the controller has a long enough cord for people to play in their cars on the street. Easier than the iPhone version, and bigger too.

What ever happened to “Peace on earth, good will to pigs…?”

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4 responses to “Have yourself an angry little Christmas…”

  1. It’s some kind of computer game, but I think you can only play it on Facebook or “smartphones”.

    I guess the Gospel message here is “Where the bodies lie, the vultures will be gathered.” [Lk. 17:37] No doubt, connected to Jeremiah 49:22 (“Behold he shall come up as an eagle, and fly: and he shall spread his wings over Bosra.”), and of the Gerasene swine as a symbol of the demons. 🙂

  2. Apparently, you can actually play this game on a normal computer. Off to play a demo and find out why there’s stuffed Angry Birds in Walmart.

  3. Okay, so it’s just another slingshot game. Cute graphics, annoying inability to see what you aim at. Shrug.

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