Worst web domain names. Ever.

Worst web domain names. Ever. July 26, 2012

They really should have thought twice about some of these.

From Huffington Post: 

Before you plunk down a pretty penny to register a new domain name, please think twice about what you choose. These 21 websites didn’t. Or perhaps they thought the double entendres their names created when strung together as URLs were just too funny to be passed up.

Choosespain.com? That can be read as either “choose Spain” or, um, “chooses pain.” Whorepresents.com unfortunately is often mistaken for “whore presents.” And don’t even get us started on Masterbaitonline.com.

These and other awkward website names were recently pointed out by Siteopia, a U.K.-based domain registration service.

“Taking time to think through all aspects and interpretations is crucial to the success of any brand,” a Siteopia spokesperson told The Telegraph. “Of course a name needs to be memorable, but it’s always worth considering the connotations it throws up.”

We combed through some of the most awkward and ill-advised website names on the Internet to find our own 21 favorites.

Check ’em out.  Try not to laugh.

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