For sale on eBay: the pope’s zucchetto!

For sale on eBay: the pope’s zucchetto! September 19, 2014


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It’s a good thing this pope wears more than one hat.

Pope Francis’ white skullcap is selling for close to $130,000 on eBay, after an Italian TV show host managed to finagle it out of his holy hands.

The host of the comedy show “La lene” (The Hyenas) got up in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday to stake out a prime, front-row spot in St. Peter’s Square for Francis’ general audience.

As the pontiff passed through his popemobile, the host handed over a white skullcap that matched the one on Francis’ head, the Local reports.

Funds raised will go to a charity in the Congo. Bidding closes on September 24.

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