Elf on a shelf? What are you, meshugenah??

Elf on a shelf? What are you, meshugenah?? December 16, 2014


You need a Mensch on a Bench!

But somehow I don’t think it’s a deacon’s bench.


Elf on a Shelf has quickly become a part of many families’ Christmas celebrations over the past few years. When Neal Hoffman’s young son Jacob asked if they could have an Elf, Hoffman came up with an idea for a new Hanukkah tradition.

“I said, ‘No, you can’t have an Elf on a Shelf, you’re Jewish,'” Hoffman told ABC. “‘You can have a mensch on a bench!'”

The story practically wrote itself. Hoffman added the Mensch as a new character in the familiar Hanukkah tale. When the weary Macabees returned to the temple, the Mensch offered to watch over the menorah so they could rest. 

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Oy to the world!

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