“My earthly journey is now at at an end…”

“My earthly journey is now at at an end…” March 29, 2015


“My earthly journey is now at an end. When I was born, my Mother laid me in a manger. I lived almost my whole life in Nazareth. I immersed myself in the history of the Chosen People.

On my journey as the One sent by the Father, I preached the breadth of his love, which overlooks no one; the length of his love, which is faithful in every generation; the height of his love, a hope which triumphs over death itself;and the depth of his love, which sent me to call not the righteous, but sinners.

Many heard and followed me, becoming my disciples; others did not understand. Some even fought me and ultimately condemned me. But at his moment I am called, more than ever, to reveal God’s love for all mankind…”

— 9th Station, Jesus Falls the Third Time

Way of the Cross to be led by Pope Francis for April 3, 2015

Meditations by Renado Corti, Emeritus Bishop of Novara

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