Steve Bannon tells ABC News he’s missing Mass to be on TV — and then he slams the Pope

Steve Bannon tells ABC News he’s missing Mass to be on TV — and then he slams the Pope June 17, 2018

The former top advisor to President Trump went on ABC News This Week on Sunday to talk about the White House’s controversial move on immigration — enforcing a policy that separates parents from children at the border — and spoke about growing criticism from religious leaders, including Pope Francis.

From the transcript, in Bannon’s interview with correspondent Jonathan Karl:

KARL: So what about the religious leaders? What about — you have the evangelicals, people like Franklin Graham calling it disgraceful, Cardinal Dolan called it unjust, unbiblical, un-American. And then you had the pope. The pope —

BANNON: You know, by the way (ph) —

KARL: Listen to what — the pope tweeted this. Children must be able to play, study and grow in a peaceful environment. Woe to anyone who stifles their joyful impulse to hope. The pope —


BANNON: By the way, the pope more than anybody else has driven the migrant crisis in Europe, that’s why you have a new government in Italy.

KARL: The pope?

BANNON: The pope. Yes. By the way, the Catholic church, they’re going after (ph) Cardinal Dolan. Cardinal Dolan’s attacked me. The Catholic church is one of the worst instigators of this open borders policy. Right? They’re Catholic — and I’m a catholic. I’m —


BANNON: — I’m missing mass today — I’m missing mass today or going later with my dad to be on your show. I’m a Catholic. No, the Catholic church is one of the big instigators in the open borders and the pope has been driving the migrant issue in — in Europe. Yes, so no. It’s — by the way, the pope is not — is not infallible when it comes to public policy and that’s a public policy issue.

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