Pope Francis Approves Revised Italian Translation of Lord’s Prayer

Pope Francis Approves Revised Italian Translation of Lord’s Prayer June 4, 2019


Pope Francis has approved the revised translation of the missal for Italy and includes changes to the Lord’s Prayer and Gloria.

Italian Catholic bishops’ conference president Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti announced that Pope Francis authorized the publication of the revised translation of the third edition of the Messale Romano, according to Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian bishops’ conference.

It will be some months before the books are printed and available for use. The bishops had approved the translation last November.

According to the new translation, the Lord’s Prayer will no longer say “and lead us not into temptation” but will become “do not let us fall/be abandoned into temptation.”The Gloria will also be revised. “Peace on earth to people of good will” will become “Peace on Earth to people beloved by God.”

You may remember a similar adjustment was made to the French translation of the prayer a couple years ago:

In the modern French version of Notre Père, produced in 1966, the sixth request to God, rendered in the King James Version as “Lead us not into temptation”, was “Do not submit us to temptation” (Ne nous soumets pas à la tentation).

The new version, which was agreed by the French bishops in March, reads “Do not let us enter into temptation” (Ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation).

Bishop Guy de Kerimel, who oversees liturgy for the French bishops, has said the previous version was ambiguous.

The new translation of the Latin ne nos inducas in tentationem has also been approved by French-language Protestant churches. It will be used in all Catholic churches in France from December 3, the first Sunday in Advent.

So far, there’s been no word on any changes to the English translation.

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