September 7, 2022

I recently fell down a rabbit hole when I became entranced by the phrase “Hail the Traveler.” Referencing the astral soul as a “traveler” is common and we often refer to our Dead or souls as “on a journey” using euphemisms that refer to being a traveler. We seem inherently uncomfortable with Death and we often feel it is a kindness to use words that are indirect. You often hear references like: “passed on/away”, “the dearly departed”, and “having left... Read more

August 23, 2022

Imagine you have just passed away from some unforeseen, traumatic event.  Scenario 1: Your mom is walking through your house having to make a plan on how to disburse or sell your personal property. Perhaps you have a collection of sex toys and porn under your bed that you’d be mortified to have her find. Scenario 2: Before death, you were living alone, divorced, with adult children. You were so proud to tell everyone your daughter is a state senator. Unfortunately,... Read more

August 5, 2022

Prepare to Die The Stoics believed that having an awareness of death was what made life so sweet. It was a Roman tradition that when a hero was put upon a pedestal to be celebrated that another person would stand behind them and remind them that they are no different than those who are cheering him but “Memento Mori” roughly translated as “Remember you too will die.” Conversations about dying and death are difficult and uncomfortable, although they are often... Read more

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