5 Spiritual Steps to Ease Tensions with North Korea

5 Spiritual Steps to Ease Tensions with North Korea September 6, 2017

With tension growing about North Korea, it’s clear that if we feel fear, we’re simply adding to the conflict. That’s why it’s important for each of us individually to maintain a sense of peace and ask for spiritual support to flood the situation with loving energy.

Image courtesy of pixabay.com.
Image courtesy of pixabay.com.

Here are five things you can do:

1. Ask for your own fear-based thoughts about North Korea and international tensions to be healed. You could say the prayer something like this: “Please heal my fear-based thoughts about the tension between the U.S. and North Korea so I can maintain my own inner peace and send peace into the world.”

2. Ask for the fear-based thoughts of Kim Jong Un, Donald Trump, other world leaders and everyone involved to be healed. We know that attack and defense are forms of fear-based thinking. This prayer invokes the help of Spirit to heal those fears in the minds of people who are making decisions that affect us all.

3. Ask for love to fill the hearts of everyone in North Korea. I did this recently and instantly saw four enormous angels standing in the four directions on the borders of North Korea. Each had a bottomless container of love, and they were pouring that energy into the country. Imagine the combined power if we all asked for this kind of intervention.

4. Join James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubadour, for a Worldwide Meditation for Peace on September 16. He’ll be traveling to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea, where he’ll lead a focused meditation, and he’s asking people all over the world to join in. Here are all the details.

5. Ask for your own fear-based thoughts about “us” and “them” to be healed. The more we can erase the borders in our own minds, the more we’ll create a new world of unity. Ultimately, love always prevails.

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Debra Engle is the author of The Only Little Prayer You Need and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak. You can find her at debraengle.com and listen to her podcasts at sacredstoriesmedia.com.

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