Jesus Rises From the Tomb

Jesus Rises From the Tomb July 6, 2019

A continuation of the vision I titled Jesus’ Burial in the Tomb by Anonymous of the Savior’s death and resurrection.

This section, on which topic I’ve found very little recorded, discusses Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

From Anonymous’ account:

I then saw the scene after three days. I saw Him looking down at His body as it laid in the dark tomb. He healed His body and His spirit entered it again, resurrected. Yeshua then walked straight through the stone wall and the joy He felt was unmeasurable.

He first went to the site of the crucifixion and stood before the spot where He had been a few days before. It was a time of reflection. …

I asked how the resurrection occurs. I was told that the body is made whole, by ordinance of the High Priesthood, and His spirit entered the body, almost simultaneously. … I saw how the body is resurrected from the inside out as a glorified being in a tabernacle of clay as they move within a telestial kingdom. I saw Jesus again changing His body in the tomb, resurrecting, and then walking through the stone wall.

He looked like a man, but His body was pure energy and light, housed in matter.  A glorified being can manipulate their bodies at will. It is remarkable. …

I saw Him walk through the stone and stand outside the tomb. It was still dark. The Roman guards were scared speechless. Then there was an earthquake and the angels rolled back the stone. The Lord felt compassion for the guards and blessed them.

He then went and stood before the place of the crucifixion and contemplated, then he went to Gethsemane and contemplated some more. After this, He went to the Temple below the Mount of Olives and contemplated some more.

Shortly thereafter, He appeared to Mary. It was early dawn when He saw her. She was wearing black with something white in her hands as she approached the tomb. I saw Yeshua embrace her and that was the end of the vision.

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