“Why Did Jesus Have to Die? and How Do You Know He Suffered for Our Sins and Rose Again?” Kids Respond

“Why Did Jesus Have to Die? and How Do You Know He Suffered for Our Sins and Rose Again?” Kids Respond April 11, 2020

How do you know Jesus suffered, died, and rose again? Why did He have to die?  These questions cause me great reflection, especially at Easter time.

Testimonies grow line upon line. I wanted to see how the children were building their testimonies.  Both questions are really reflecting questions.  Again, some of the 58 respondents said they didn’t know how to answer these questions.  I hope you enjoy the wisdom and smiles of the answers that were shared.

Why Did Jesus Have to Die for Us?

James (3) – Because he can.

How do you know
By Madeline, (13)

Emmett (3) – Because he had a dream about it, about Lamanites. I don’t like the Lamanites.

Hina (4) – So we could be resurrected.

Rory (4) – Because he wanted to hang on the cross because he loves us too much and that’s why he died for us.

Adam (4) – Because he wants to die for us.

Aubrey (4) – So that we could live again.

Bratcher (5) – Because didn’t want us to die.

Emilia (5) – To save us.

Joshua (5) – So we can live with Him again.

Kamila (5) – Because I think he wanted to be the Savior and he loves us.

William (5) – Because the bad people didn’t want Jesus in the world. And when he got on the cross, he prayed for our sins.

Jaxon (5) – He saved our bodies.

Nizana (5) – So we can live and he can see us.

Anela (5) – So we can live cause we live in Heaven a long time ago.

Keahu (6) – If he didn’t, we wouldn’t even be here where we’re standing.

Dane (6) – Because he loved us.

Sophia (6) – So we can be with him.

Matthew (7) -Because He is holy.

Shelby (7) – So we live back in heaven.

Addy (7) – So that we could go to heaven with him one day, as he pays for our sins because we can’t without him helping us.

Tyler (7) – So we could live again.

Sydney (7) – So we didn’t have to.

Tayj (7) – To sacrifice himself.

Kalani (8) – Because he had to die for us in order for us to go to the kingdom up in heaven and we need to pray and ask Heavenly Father to forgive our sins.

Akilah (8) – He died for us to show us that he loves us.

Rachel (8) – So that we ca repent and live with our Heavenly Father again.

How do you know
Jesus On the Cross Between The Two Thieves by Joshua (5)

McKean (8) – So we can be resurrected.

Lila (8) – So we can go to heaven and be forgiven of our sins.

Paenoa (8) – So we can live.

Ava (8) – So we could live.

Kobe (8) – So we could repent.

Lynlee (9) – Because He has a perfect body

Ian (9) – Cause we needed a Savior, ‘case we’ve all sinned. And so, we couldn’t live with Him again if we weren’t able to repent.

Elisabeth (9) – Cause he wanted us to be resurrected.

Evie (9) – So that we could all go back to heaven when we die.

Annie (9) – So we can live with Him again.

Kate (10) – Because He was part God and if one of us tried to, then we’d just die because we’re not a god so our bodies can’t go through that process.

Bailey (10) – Because in heaven, he said to Heavenly Father that he would die and he would do everything and he could make it so we could live with Heavenly Father again. But he wouldn’t take the credit, he would give Heavenly Father the credit.

Ka’ihi (10) – So he could be resurrected.

Shen (10) – Because he loved us.

Shailym (10) – Because he loved us.

Chase (10) – He had to die because without him dying, we wouldn’t be able to go to heaven with him again because he needed to return, too.

Amelia (10) – He had to die for us so that we could be forgiven of our sins and live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Ana Julia (10) – The reason why Jesus died for us is because he had to suffer in order for us to go to heaven again and be with our families. He also died for us because he wanted us to learn repentance.

Kyla (11) – Because he wanted me to live with him again.

How do you know
Jesus on the Cross by Samuel (6)

Kailie (11) – So that when we die, we can be resurrected like him.

Dezi (12) – He died for our sins.

Alise (12) – So he could be resurrected and break the bands of death.


How Do You Know That Jesus Suffered For Our Sins and Rose Again?

Beau (8) – Because of the testimony that I bear.

Ian (9) – I just have a feeling that it’s true. I just know it.

Matthew (7) – Faith.

Ka’ihi (10) – Cause it’s in the scriptures and I have faith and I know it.

Kyla (11) – I know because of faith. I just believe that it is and I hope it is.

Bratcher (5) – Because He prayed and he teached people. And he gave people bread and fish.

Joshua (5) – Because He is God’s son.

Lynlee (9) – Because the scriptures say that it’s true. And the people who were with Him, they know because they saw it, so I know that it’s true because they said that.

Kate (10) – Because the prophets and apostles tell us that if we repent we can be forgiven of our sins. And our scriptures tell us that. And when I pray the Holy Ghost tells me that.

Ethan (7) – From the scriptures.

Bailey (10) – Because we have the scriptures that say it and Joseph Smith saw him and he wrote about it. And so we can read those and we can know that he was resurrected because somebody saw him.

Keahu (6) – We learned it from the scriptures.

Hina (4) – Because the scriptures and the songs tell us.

By Lynlee (9)

Shelby (7) – From our primary teachers.

Samuel (6) – *Laughing* I’m trying to not say TV shows. OK, TV shows. Jesus ones.

Kilikina (4) – Because he’s magical.

Tayj (7) – Because he has powers.

Shailym (10) – Because if he hadn’t done that, the sacrament wouldn’t be a thing, because the sacrament represents what he did for us. The water represents the blood and the bread represents his body.

Adam (4) – Because he is Jesus.

Rory (4) – Because I know he did it.

Kamila (5) – Because I learned about it from a movie.

Dezi (12) – Because I learned about it in the scriptures that he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and he wasn’t in the tomb when Mary went to see him.

Akilah (8) – Because in the Book of Mormon it says that.

McKean (8) – Because it says in the scriptures that we will be resurrected.

Paenoa (8) – Because it says in the scriptures.

William (5) – Because the bad people got nails and hammered it on his hands and put him on the cross. I know he rose again because I saw it on one of the Book of Mormon videos.

Annie (9) – Because the scriptures are true.

Kailie (11) – Because we believe this is what happened and the story has been passed down.

James (3) – Because he got scared.

Anonymous – Because I listened to the conference and I watch the videos about Jesus Christ.

How do you know
By Madeline (13)

Elisabeth (9) – Cause of the scriptures.

Anela (5) – He wanted us to grow.

Eva (5) – I don’t know, I will have to learn.

Shen (10) – I had a feeling it was true.

Evie (9) – I have faith that he did.

Kobe (8) – I heard it from other people.

Kalani (8) – I know that because Jesus died for us and he rose again because he resurrected and he lived again.

Ana Julia (10) – I know that Jesus suffered for our sins and rose again because he had done so many miracles that he would do this for all of us to live a life and learn all of these wonderful things that he had preached. He would also want us to learn about repentance, forgiveness, and many other things.

Jaxon (5) – I read the scriptures.

Emmett (3) – Joseph died from the Lamanites.


Amelia (10) – The scriptures.

Addy (7) – We are taught at church about Jesus and his life.

Lila (8) – We can pray and know the truth.

Chase (10) – Because they wouldn’t make so many churches and temples and primary books for nothing.  And who else would have created us?  Jesus Christ and God are our best bet.

Alise (12) – The Holy Ghost told me. I don’t know how I know, I just do.

Rachel (8) – The Lord told me. I felt it. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior.

How do you know
By Amelia (10)

How do you know that Jesus really lived 2,000 years ago?  How do you know that He rose from the grave and was resurrected?

I know these things are true because I’ve studied His life in the scriptures, listened to men I consider prophets testify of His mission, and, most importantly, I prayed directly to God and asked Him if Jesus Christ lived, died, and rose again.  I felt the Holy Ghost bring clarity, peace, and knowledge.  Like these children who shared their testimonies, I know that He lives, too.

Tomorrow, the children share their answers to “What is Resurrection? and “Why did Jesus Live Again?




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