“Have You Seen a Miracle? and What Have Heavenly Father and Jesus Done for You?” Kids Respond

“Have You Seen a Miracle? and What Have Heavenly Father and Jesus Done for You?” Kids Respond April 13, 2020

What miracles have you seen throughout your life? And what have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you? How have you seen the hand of God in your life?

I was really interested in the children’s responses.  Many of the 58 respondents said they hadn’t seen a miracle in their life, but almost all of them had seen the hand of God in their life.  The ways they’d seen the hand of God are also miracles to me.

Just like the children, I believe that Heavenly Father and Jesus are involved in the details of our lives.

By Gracie (14)

Have You Seen a Miracle in Your Life?

Hina (4) – Um, yeah, having greatness.

Emilia (5) – I always wanted to be a mermaid or a unicorn, so it was a miracle so I sing “miracles are mermaids and unicorns” in all my songs.

Keahu (6) – Yes! When you get better when you’re sick.

Dezi (12) – I had a lump on my neck and a growth on my heart and the doctors thought it was cancerous but when I had the two surgeries, it wasn’t.

Ana Julia (10) – A miracle in my life was how I ended up with such a loving family. This is all because of Jesus’ resurrection.

Ka’ihi (10) – Yes, that we’re not getting sick from this coronavirus and that grandad came back to life after his heart attack/stroke.

Bailey (10) – A miracle is no one could do something then something happens and it was done already, then it’s like that—my mom when she was going to die and then she lived again.

Easter Bunny visiting all the houses in town, by Joshua (5)

Joshua (5) – No, but I still believe miracles are real.

Lynlee (9) – Yes. While we were driving a place and it was really icy. and we stopped on a curb but we got stuck in the ice.  We prayed that a tow truck would come and as we finished the prayer a tow truck came.

Kilikina (4) – A miracle means when Jesus helps you find something.

Matthew (7) – Yes. Once we were on a kayaking and dad’s kayak flipped over and then dad lost his phone. We looked for a few minutes and we thought we’d just buy a new one and then mom stepped on it in the water. The phone was waterproof.

Kate (10) – Actually, recently, we went on a boat ride, kayaking, and when we were being close to done, my dad’s boat flipped over and he lost his phone. So we looked around for it and right as we were about to give up, my mom found it.

Asher (7) – Yes. A car rolled over and they were OK.

Keahu (6) – Yes! When you get better when you’re sick.

Ka’ihi (10) – Yes, that we’re not getting sick from this coronavirus and that grandad came back to life after his heart attack/stroke.

Kyla (11) – When my mom was in the hospital, I think it was a miracle that she lived and so much help came. Even our old bishop came to help with the blessing.  That was nice.

Chase (10) – I have.  My mom, she’s beautiful. My miracle is that I’m a living thing and I actually exist.  I know Jesus Christ created us.

Kailie (11) – Not in person, only on shows or videos.

The donkey that carried Jesus, by Kilikina (4)

Sydney (7) – It was beautiful and sunny and then in a blink of an eye, it was rainy.

Rachel (8) – Mommy and Daddy wanted a child and got one 20 years later. I am their miracle.

Lila (8) – My dad said he gave a blessing to someone who was going to die soon and he lived.

Kamila (5) – No, did you? What’s a miracle?

Samuel (6) – Probably on TV shows. *Shrug* Like Jesus ones. One time I saw that someone was blind and then he put some medicine on and he went in the water and then he could see.

Kobe (8) – When my little brother Tyson didn’t die. (He had heart surgery at 3 weeks old.)

Evie (9) – When we fasted for Penny’s leg to feel better and it got better after a day.

Jaxon (5) – Yes, it’s a miracle that we have a good day.

Addy (7) – Yes. I watched my friend cross the street. She did not see the car coming, but it stopped in time to avoid hitting her.

Anonymous – Yes, when all my family snuggled with me.

Gabby (6) – Yes. I have a family and a body. That is not something I can make.

Emmett (3) – Yes. It even flies. It’s a big and it has wings.

Amelia (10) – Yes. My brother got lost at the Polynesian Cultural Center and we found him.

Tayj (7) – Yes. When I didn’t have anyone to play with, Brennon said, “Come on, play with me.”

Ian (9) – Yes. When I was younger, I can’t really remember when, but I was really sick, and I’d been sick for a while. My dad gave me a blessing, and the next day, I was fully recovered.

Shailym (10) – Yes. We prayed for my friend who had cancer because he was going through chemotherapy. The miracle was that he survived.


What Is Something that Heavenly Father and Jesus Have Done for You?

Adam (4) – He helps me do scriptures, activities. He helps me know how to do things.

What have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you
By Kalani (3)

Addy (7) – They gave me the earth, family, my dogs, scriptures so that I can learn about them.

Akilah (8) – They gave me my life and they made this beautiful Earth for us.

Alise (12) – They have comforted me and finally gotten through to me in my prayers.

Amelia (10) – They let us live on this Earth and we are also able to feel pain and happiness and sadness and all those feelings. Adam and Eve couldn’t feel those until they partook of the fruit.  They give us our families.

Ana Julia (10) – Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have done many things for me, but my favorite one was having an amazing family.

Anela (5) – They done for me cause they forgot when they didn’t know other people came, but we went to our dragon brother, but our dragon brother didn’t want us to be good now.

Annie (9) – They’ve comforted me.

Asher (7) – Give me cake.

Ava (8) – They bless our family and put us on the earth.

Bailey (10) – They have helped me get through fasts because those are hard. When I would say my prayer I would ask them if they would help me. Then whenever my tummy started hurting because I wanted to get some food, then when I wanted to get some food, then in my mind I thought, oh, I shouldn’t eat, I should keep fasting.

Beau (8) – They help me not be shy. I’m normally very shy.

Bratcher (5) – He died for me.

Easter eggs by Emilia (5)

Chase (10) – Made me and they love me.

Dane (6) – Blessings.

Dezi (12) – I have a good life and a fun family.

Elisabeth (9) – Made my body.

Emilia (5) – He died for me and He died for everybody.

Emmett (3) – Pray.

Eva (5) – They will help us and they will comfort,

Evie (9) – They answer our prayers.

Hina (4) – Helped me play and surf.

Ian (9) – They have given us many blessings. We have a very nice home and a very nice neighborhood. I’m very, very glad that I’m homeschooled, especially at this time. They’ve given us this beautiful Earth; they’ve given us bodies.

James (3) – He pray for me.

Jaxon (5) – They have saved us.

What have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you
A dove, by Kalani (3)

Joshua (5) – They built the earth for us so we can live on it.

Ka’ihi (10) – They gave me a family and the gift to repent and the gift to be resurrected. Pretty much everything in my life was given by them.

Kailie (11) – They help me get through diabetes.

Kalani (8) – They have forgive me in my life and it was for him to forgive my sins.

Kamila (5) – They forgive us and love us.

Kate (10) – There are a bunch of times when I felt really bad and something always happened where some music playing or I saw a quote or some scriptures around the house and I just felt calm and peaceful.

Keahu (6) – Guided me in the dark, say if like I can’t see without a flashlight and I drop it by accident.

Kilikina (4) – They helped me find my toys and we said a prayer.

Kobe (8) – Gave me a family.

Kyla (11) – He sent the Holy Ghost to help comfort me. When I was younger – I don’t know why this happened – but the veil was lifted up. It was Satan – I could actually hear him – and I prayed that Jesus could take him away. And he did. But the veil was lifted up and I could see heaven a little bit like in a dream. That helped with my faith because I know what it feels like and I know.

Lila (8) – They have helped me through hard times.

Lynlee (9) – Well, they help me find stuff that I lose. And if I get lost and I pray then someone can help me.

Matthew (7) -Helped me find my monster truck. We looked for it for two hours and then we said a prayer. Then we looked for it for a few more minutes and then we found it.

McKean (8) – Help me find my school paper when it was lost.

Nizana (5) – Gave me birth.

Paenoa (8) – Been with me in heaven.

Rachel (8) – They gave me the best mommy and daddy ever. I have been blessed with a loving grandma and kitten.

Rory (4) – Tell us nice things. The Holy Spirit loves us and he tells us what to do.

Samuel (6) – Jesus died for us.

What have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you
Rainbow over Gethsemane, by Lila (8)

Shailym (10) – He gave me my life.

Shazer (5) – They give me mommy and daddy.

Shelby (7) – Die for our sin.

Shen (10) – Gave me a family.

Sophia (6) – They answered my prayers.

Sydney (7) – Give me a family.

Tayj (7) – He created us. He gave us food, water and shelter. And he gave us our house.

Tyler (7) – Died for us.

William (5) – They taught me how to be nice to my sisters and be nice and kind to Russell and not make mommy and daddy mad.

Zachary (4) – Died.

What have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you
By Gracie (14)

This was my favorite segment in the series. I really loved reading the children’s experiences of miracles and how Heavenly Father and Jesus have blessed their lives. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ do walk with us along life’s journey.  May we always have eyes to see the miracles around us and the hand of God in our lives.

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