A Portion of His Spirit to be an Instrument

A Portion of His Spirit to be an Instrument June 30, 2020

“And it came to pass that they journeyed many days in the wilderness, and they fasted much and prayed much that the Lord would grant unto them a portion of his Spirit to go with them, and abide with them, that they might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring, if it were possible, their brethren, the Lamanites, to the knowledge of the truth, to the knowledge of the baseness of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct” (Alma 17:9.)

“A Portion of His Spirit” Thoughts By Roxy Kimokeo

A portion can refer to an assigned part or an allotment. And in pondering about tuning instruments, I realized that all the tones are tuned to one single note, or frequency, an “allotted single point” and from there all other tones are aligned.

And I realized how important it is in an orchestra that all instruments are tuned to the same, single frequency, the assigned pitch. This is the portion of the tones we must align with. This is the Holy Ghost.

It’s one thing to tune our instrument to our own central tone but nothing would be in Harmony this way. We could play beautifully on our own, but in order to have an effective part in the overall composition, we must all be tuned to the same frequency.

Tuning looks different for different instruments—tuning pegs, shortening or widening barrels, etc. But the central tone is always the same and is always where the tuning must begin, then all other tones are aligned with it.

The beating frequency between notes increases the further apart they are. But when they are aligned perfectly (in unison or octaves), the frequency of beats decreases until it is no longer detected.

That is perfect unison and that is where we want to be. Because when we are perfectly in tune, our own thoughts and desires are one with those that the Spirit produces and we are in perfect alignment with the Father and the Son.

I was so curious about “a portion of His Spirit” being tied to being an instrument and was glad to understand better how it can be. Hearing the allotted pitch, the endowed tone is given by the master musician for us to be tuned to until the frequency is perfectly aligned.

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