Who Is Your Book of Mormon Hero?

Who Is Your Book of Mormon Hero? September 4, 2020
Who is your Book of Mormon hero?
My friend Rena Phung invited me to join a group of her friends and family in reading the Book of Mormon before October General Conference.  People have shared insights as we’ve read through the Book of Mormon to reach our goal. One day, Rena asked the group, “Who is one of your Book of Mormon heroes and why?”
I loved Rena’s own emphatic and joyful declaration of her Book of Mormon hero. I hope her comments cause you to reflect on who is your own Book of Mormon hero and why.
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Rena Phung’s Book of Mormon Hero

Nephi has always been a hero of mine. Wow! What a guy! So Faithful and obedient in such difficult circumstances!
During these last two readings, a new realization has hit me about him. While he was Amazing, he was not the solid rock I think I had imagined. I began to see that he obeyed despite a whole bunch of negative emotions!! (This whole weakness of mortality thing! He felt it too! It was not perfect with him either!)
His heart wept in the valley of sorrow! He got angry! His heart groaned! He feared! His heart was pained! His soul was RENT with anguish! HE FELT ALL THIS AND WAS NOT PERFECT AND YET HE CHOSE FAITH AND OBEYED. AWESOME. He knew in whom he trusted and knew God would deliver him. And God did.

One of my favorite scriptures is 1 Nephi 15 — After being on the mountain and receiving so much light, Nephi came back to camp to his brothers arguing about what Lehi taught them. And Nephi was “Grieved because of the hardness of their hearts” and said he was OVERCOME because of his afflictions. Then in verse 6, he says in passing… “after I had received strength”…he went on to teach his brothers!
He Knew How to go to the Lord and receive strength! He turned to the Lord in faith and didn’t remain “overcome.” Wow. Just WOW. 
Yeah. I wanna be like Nephi. 
Who is your Book of Mormon hero and why?

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