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Ask Questions October 3, 2020

One of the key ways that we learn…is by asking questions.

Some seem to believe that faith and questions are antithetical. Such could not be further from the truth. The Restoration itself was unfolded by the proper and necessary melding of both. The Prophet Joseph Smith had both faith and questions. Indeed, the passage of scripture that led Joseph to the Sacred Grove experience includes both a question and the promise of an answer based on the asker’s faith. I marvel each time I consider the wonderful way in which the Prophet Joseph Smith used proper questions not only to enhance his knowledge but also to enlarge his faith.” Cecil O. Samuelson

I am an asker of questions who has received answers.  It’s so comforting to find others who ask a wide variety of questions when they wonder about things. So I thoroughly enjoyed these two poems of my great great aunt Roberta Flake Clayton.


Seems to me there’s lots of things

That I don’t understand

One thing is—why can’t the sea

Pass a certain line of sand?


Why can’t the thistle bear a rose

Growing together in the dell

Fed by the selfsame soil and sun?

I’d like someone to tell.


And then there is another thing

That I don’t quite see thru

What makes the tinting on the peach

Who sends the sparkling dew?


Yes, there are many, many things

That I cannot explain

Mysteries that may some day

Be just as clear and plain.


Then why should I presume to say

God can’t do so and so

Because I through the meager knowledge

May not his workings know.


But this I know, that I will treat

In faith what I cannot see

Knowing the created never can

As the Creator be.


My Guardian Angel

Oh, Guardian angel of my life

I wonder who and what you are

Have I e’er known you here on earth

Or in the distant realms so far?


Are you some friend whom I have known

Or lover who awaits me there,

Who guards my pathway and protects

My feet from many a tempting snare?


Oh guardian one, who e’er you are

Continue in your loving care

Be patient still—tho every hour

I give you reason to forebear.


But maybe when I’m old and gray

With years disgression may increase

And I’ll grow better—’till at last

We’ll dwell in endless love and peace.

Ask Questions

What questions do you ask?  Are you receiving answers?

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