November 4, 2013

We are called to witness. Every baptized Catholic must share the Gospel message with others. Yes, even those who are afraid of public speaking are called to bear witness to the joy of living a life for Christ. Before you dismiss the Great Commission, before you tell yourself that the mandate to give witness to the faith is only for those who like to stand up in public and hold a microphone, you need to know something. (more…) Read more

November 3, 2013

A movie is never as good as the book. Ever. We saw the movie Ender’s Game today. We had all read the book – which was phenomenal. So we were pretty sure the movie would stink. It wasn’t bad. Not bad at all. (more…) Read more

November 1, 2013

We visited the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. when I was thirteen. A few of the collections were particularly memorable. The locomotives in the train room frightened me. That’s where I first realized that I was a little claustrophobic. The fifty-two foot Foucault Pendulum and the American flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem were fascinating. We spent three days visiting the Smithsonian. Each day, my sister and I ran straight for the railing where we… Read more

October 30, 2013

There’s just nothing fun about a colonoscopy. Not. One. Thing. This time, I had a sinus infection that peaked on the day I drank the tanker of Gatorade-Miralax mix. I should be ultra-thankful for modern medicine that keeps me well – but when you’re in the middle of gagging down lemon-lime ackiness and running to the bathroom, it’s hard to drum up gratitude. (more…) Read more

October 29, 2013

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Halloween. As a child, I liked dressing up and getting candy, but once I became an adult, Halloween lost its appeal. In fact, I began to dislike it. I saw only pumpkins and ghoulish characters. Too much orange & black and too much concentration on things from the dark side. I put up with Halloween. And that’s about it. One of the first changes after my conversion was the realization that, as Catholics, we begin a celebration of… Read more

October 23, 2013

Without a doubt, you know someone who is ready and just needs a little nudge. Chances are, you sit by him almost every week at Mass. Chances are, you work with her, and your conversations have turned to the topic of faith now and then. Maybe, you even kiss this person goodnight and call the same four walls home. (more…) Read more

October 22, 2013

I never forget to eat – except when I’m writing. I’m a classic introvert – except when someone gets me talking about Mother Church and the Eucharist. When writing is paired with evangelism, something inside of me ignites. I can’t explain it, but I hope it never stops happening to me. (more…) Read more

October 16, 2013

It was such a weird assignment. But, then again, it was a college sociology class, so that may explain a lot. Assignment? Deliberately do something counter to social mores, observe reactions of those around you, and write about it in your journal. One student – a middle-aged man with a large beer belly – went to McDonalds and ordered a Happy Meal. He asked for a boy’s toy and proceeded to sit directly in front of the counter and eat… Read more

October 16, 2013

Dad tried to convince me to become a Presbyterian minister. Presbyterians had embraced women’s ordination. My father could think of nothing that would make him prouder than for one of his children to follow in his footsteps and become a Protestant preacher. (more…) Read more

October 15, 2013

St. Teresa of Avila led me home to the Catholic Church. I stumbled upon St. Teresa’s book, The Interior Castle, and began to feel a tug deep within me. I longed to discover the Church she loved and the faith that had given birth to such a deep spirituality and holiness. It was an unlikely journey for me, as I am both a pastor’s daughter and former wife of a pastor. The Catholic Church was the last place I envisioned for myself…. Read more

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