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Denise is a convert to the Catholic Church. She is the daughter of a Protestant minister.  In 2005, she converted to Catholicism after reading books by Carmelite saints. Her syndicated column called Catholic by Grace has been published in 63 diocesan newspapers. She has also written for Catholic magazines and appeared on EWTN’s Journey Home and Women of Grace.  In May 2014 she traveled to Israel with the Catholic Press Association as a guest of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism. Ave Maria Press released her first book in March 2015–Gifts of the Visitation.

Denise is a Catholic speaker on topics that include: conversion, the Immaculate Conception, the Visitation and Women of Salvation History.

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“You have written some compelling columns and I wish you all good things for many more years to come! You are truly a woman of deep faith and it has been a pleasure to follow your spiritual journey.”

Lou Jacquet, editor of the Catholic Exponent


“We enjoy your columns— they’re powerful and engaging.”

Brian Wallace, Director of Communications Diocese of Bridgeport


“Your column is very well-received here and often draws comments in our letters to the editor section.”

Richard Sokerka, editor of The Beacon


“Our readers love you!”

Pat Hennessy, editor of Fairfield County Catholic


“This is brilliant, shining and perfect.”

“I am so delighted with how well you have captured not only Advent, and your own personal experience in the birth of your son on Christmas Eve, but a delightful summation of salvation history. I really do love it.”

Jeff Hensley, editor of North Texas Catholic


“I really appreciate having solid, Catholic writing that reaches ‘real’ people.

“Wow. Another beautiful column.”

Awesome column! Really! You have the touch.”

John Fee, editor of the U.P. CatholicLisa Johnston | lisa@aeternus.com Denise Bossert, Catholic By Grace.


Talking Points:

  • Is the daughter of a Protestant minister.
  • Converted to the Catholic Church in 2005 after reading books by Carmelite saints.
  • Has written for 50 diocesan newspapers.
  • Has been a guest on EWTN’s Journey Home and Women of Grace.
  • Speaks on topics ranging from conversion to the Blessed Mother.
  • Will release her first book through Ave Maria Press in 2014.

Interview Topics:

  • Conversion
  • Discovering the Blessed Mother
  • Mary as our Model for the New Evangelization
  • The Visitation
  • The power of the Confirmed & Anointed

Sample Interview Questions:

  • Describe your faith formation as a Protestant preacher’s daughter.
  • Did anything attract you to the Catholic faith during those formative years?
  • How did you lose your bias against Catholic teaching on Mary?
  • You have had great success as a Catholic syndicated columnist. Tell us how you became a Catholic writer and what you are working on now.
  • Conversion is an on-going process for Catholics. How is Our Lord continuing to move you along the journey of faith? Any new discoveries?