God Is A Teaser

God Is A Teaser September 30, 2015

Sometimes, it seems like God is a bit of a teaser.

A little over a year ago, I sat with a new friend. She had the best job in the world. I told her so.

“If I could dream up the perfect job description, it would be your job description,” I said, laughing. And if there is holy jealousy, I felt it that day.

God has spent the last 18 months teasing me. But God doesn’t tease to torment.

He teases to lead.

And now, I have become the teaser. How so? Well, I am not going to say where I’m going and what I’m going to be doing just yet. Soon.

You see, God is a teaser, but He is also a God with perfect timing. So… soon. It all begins very soon.

What began 18 months ago as a heart’s desire and grew into a tiny mustard seed of possibility four months ago is now ready to bear fruit.

After a tsunami of consolation, a tidal wave of affirmation, a great big Yes from God, I stand with my toes hanging over the edge of a very big dream. Ready… Set… LEAP!

Thanks be to God.

Mount Carmel, Israel Elijah


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