Can Living Single And Sexless Bring You Success?

Can Living Single And Sexless Bring You Success? June 22, 2016

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Let me ask you a question: If for some reason your disobedience disqualifies you for God’s purpose on your life, would the activity that you’re engaging in be worth it?

I had made a commitment of celibacy long before I met my wife Meagan. When we got married, I had been celibate for over ten years. What motivated the commitment was the same thing that made me keep it. I was preaching about living a life that put the Lord first, and then I was going out and living a life that was the opposite of the discipline I was teaching. Trying to be two people started tearing me apart. The desire for peace and harmony within myself was a motivator to choose no sex.

So I asked myself, “What if what I was doing with this other woman disqualified me for the full manifestation of the call that God has on my life? Would it be worth it?” Of course not! No sex is worth that!

I could not reconcile the idea that at the end of my life God might say, “Here’s what I had planned for you, but because you showed yourself unworthy, I couldn’t do all I wanted to do in your life.” I was not prepared to take that risk. Whatever my purpose is in this life, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that.

So I want to ask you: Can you live with never operating in the fullness of your purpose because you have no discipline over sex in your life?

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