December 1, 2022

Suppose you had a new acquaintance, and you asked her to join you for some weekend activity. And say that she responded enthusiastically, as long as in met with schedule. She tells you that she’ll be in church on Friday evening for a Novena, then back again on Saturday afternoon for Confession. And of course, Sunday morning she’ll attend Mass. You might at that moment say you didn’t realize she was Catholic. Naturally, she will confirm her spiritual identity. Of... Read more

September 27, 2022

One of the most puzzling things I often say in my lectures on the Hindu Dharma to church groups and schools is that Hinduism isn’t faith based. That is, while we have plenty of doctrines to share, we have no solid dogmas that bind “the faithful” to our fold. It is in this area that we share a great deal with our Jewish friends. To Jews, what they believe, how they conceive of a deity, or even if they take... Read more

September 5, 2022

I wear a few different hats in my life. One of them is that of a commercial actor. But aside from advertising, recording audiobooks, industrial videos, I occasionally lend my meager talents to the stage. And over the years I have been involved in some fairly provocative plays. I love it when art holds a mirror to all aspects of society and exposes any warts that might be apparent. Now, don’t get me wrong. Artists can be as myopic as... Read more

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