AI, Faith, the Future, and the Apocalyptic Imagination

AI, Faith, the Future, and the Apocalyptic Imagination June 23, 2022

AI, Faith, and the Future Cover
AI, Faith, and the Future Cover

I am pleased to announce that AI, Faith, and the Future, a book I edited and authored with a number of my colleagues, is now available.

This book, which emerged from a faculty research group at Seattle Pacific University, is an interdisciplinary exploration of artificial intelligence. From the cover:

Artificial intelligence is rapidly and radically changing our lives and world. This book is a multidisciplinary engagement with the present and future impacts of AI from the standpoint of Christian faith. It provides technological, philosophical, and theological foundations for thinking about AI, as well as a series of reflections on the impact of AI on relationships, behavior, education, work, and moral action. The book serves as an accessible introduction to AI as well as a guide to wise consideration, design, and use of AI by examining foundational understandings and beliefs from a Christian perspective.

The introduction to the book is available here, and a review from AI and Faith is available here.

As I noted in my last post, I recently had the honor of presenting an endowed lecture on a second related book project titled Artificial Intelligence and the Apocalyptic Imagination: The Ends of Artificial Agency. A video and manuscript of that talk is available here, slides are available here, and a discussion of both projects may be found here.

I would be happy to connect with anyone interested in additional information about either of these projects.

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