The future we are creating through our current information revolution will be shaped by the narratives that have shaped us and by the narratives we shape. Read more

Technology helps us transcends limits, but when does transcendence become transgression? Read more

Black Mirror explores the unanticipated consequences of new technologies, but can it help us become wiser people? Read more

Competing narratives of human and technological evolution. Read more

I recently wrote about The Robloxian Christians (TRC), a church created and pastored by 18-year-old Daniel Herron in the virtual world of Roblox, an online gaming and social media platform. A growing community that boasts over 16,000 members, TRC features worship services, bible studies, and fellowship for those who log in to Roblox. While it is impossible to know the average age of TRCers without self-reported data, Herron estimates it is early teen. And this goes for the community’s leadership as… Read more

Discerning helps, harms, and remedies for well-being in the digital age. Read more

Technology offers freedom from many things, but for what does it free us? Read more

Back story: the quest for wisdom  Our purpose in writing these columns is to grow in wisdom for faithful living in this digital age. More easily said than done! Wisdom requires learning, but is more than mere academic competency. Wisdom presumes purpose and meaning, which necessitate a worldview, but Christian faith is more than a worldview. Wisdom transcends categories. It is personal. It accrues through experiential learning. Faith is a journey, and wisdom accrues along the meandering, spiritual path of… Read more

The period of technological change we are living through will have a profound impact on the future of work. As has happened before, new forms of work will become possible and current forms of works will be automated, adapted, and abandoned. Today is the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker, the patron and model of workers, so it seems like a good day for a bit of theological reflection on the relationship between technology and work. (For historical background on… Read more

On the origin, failure, and recovery of technological hope in our time. Read more

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