On the origin, failure, and recovery of technological hope in our time. Read more

In defense of Mark Zuckerberg, I would like to point out that he has remained true to his ideals. That shows integrity. He has also successfully maintained control of the company. That takes vision and fortitude. These are admirable virtues. No one should be surprised at anything Facebook has done or left undone. Mr. Zuckerberg spelled out his ethos clearly at the time of Facebook’s IPO in his personal letter to investors. In that letter, dated February 1, 2012, Zuckerberg… Read more

Significant digital divides characterize the digital age—divides related to access, literacy, and wisdom. Read more

As we focus on improving selective attention, we must also cultivate a more receptive form of attentiveness. Read more

Daniel Herron is the pastor of one of the largest and most diverse churches in the country. It boasts more than 14,000 members, has multiple campuses, represents several countries, and is growing bigger every week. Rev. Herron just turned 18 years old. And the church is virtual. Roblox, released in 2006, is an online “sandbox” gaming and social media platform with more than 64 million users. In the gaming portion, you build and play interactive games with a Minecraft-like functionality…. Read more

There’s no such thing as artificial ethics.   “The information society is like a tree that has been growing its far-reaching branches much more widely, hastily, and chaotically than its conceptual, ethical, and cultural roots.” —Luciano Floridi, Information: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford, 2010) We can imagine the growth of artificial intelligence as a huge tree spreading outward in all directions. Its branches are bearing real fruit: AI is continually finding new ways to cut costs, save energy, cure diseases,… Read more

Luciano Floridi, who has been developing the philosophy of information as a new area of inquiry since the late 1990s, argues we are living through a scientific revolution that is changing how we understand our nature and our role in the universe. Floridi identifies this as the fourth major revolution of the modern era to transform how we see ourselves and the world. The first of these revolutions, following Copernicus, established a heliocentric cosmology that displaced the Earth and humanity… Read more

“Beauty is a signpost to deep learning.”   The 2017 prize-winning documentary, “AlphaGo” tells the story of the computer program that beat the world’s #1 Go professional, Lee Sedol, in March 2016. It’s a great movie and inspiring story. AI experts figured it might be decades before a computer could beat the world champ. But backed by the deep pockets of Google, the team at DeepMind software (Google’s huge machine learning project) created a computer program that mastered the game… Read more

Within the last thirty years, internet, social media, and mobile technologies have transformed the ways we interact with information, each other, and the world. In addition to these nearly ubiquitous technologies, we are witnessing the rapid advance of new digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and mixed reality, and the Internet of Things. All of these new and emerging technologies raise fundamental and new questions about what we can know, what we may hope for, what… Read more

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