April 9, 2020

Many of the responses to COVID-19 highlight the possibilities and limits of artificial intelligence. These also raise a number of ethical concerns, for which many principles have been developed. How do we move from a list of principles to a principled life? Read more

March 28, 2020

N. T. Wright critiques modern philosophy, historiography, and theology to recover the apocalyptic imagination—and to help us consider the role of technology in new creation. Read more

March 15, 2020

As educational institutions become more technologically agile in the midst of a global health crisis, it’s important we don’t lose sight of our ultimate goals. Read more

February 19, 2020

Science fiction is am imaginative resource for epistemological, ethical, and eschatological reflection—and it is shaping our future. Read more

February 11, 2020

Reflections on The Good Place, the digital device paradigm, and creating a better world. Read more

February 8, 2020

Hunter S. Thompson’s affirmation of the technological city. Read more

December 31, 2019

More than fifty years into the digital revolution, we need at least 95 theses to help us understand the digital reformation we’re living through. Read more

December 15, 2019

As the automation of work advances, what questions should we be asking about the future of work? Read more

November 21, 2019

Digital technologies have been changing our lives since the middle of the twentieth century. Digital transformation focuses on what we are experiencing now. Read more

October 25, 2019

There is a new digital dimension to reality, blending with and enhancing our embodied lives and physical world. Read more

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